Heroic Badges Goals & Rewards

Reason I make list goals or reference one is that it keeps me focus on my gear replacement priority and assignment for farming Badges on my Heroic run. There are several Badge gear pieces that I will need that will eventually replace some of the gear I may pick up in Kara or replace some my gear before I get an upgrade there. Its Hard to say because I can’t control what a Boss may drop in Kara, but I can control how many Heroics I run farming Badges to get gear pieces. However I’m having a hard time deciding on exactly which order I will eventually replace gear with Badges of Justice.

So this post will be constantly edited and updated over time. However I’ll be referencing these list in my choice consideration. For the most part I’ll be following Kaziel’s list as its a very good reference. What order I get Badge gear will just depend on what gear drop I get in Kara, that is not something I can control. So other than picking up Badges in Kara from the Boss, I’ll just be farming Heroics Daily for badges.

Kaziel 2.3 Badge of Justice Reward Goals – I geared on his Pre-Kara List.
Tankadin Gear Evolution – by Zen Tanking – Good Reference for gear replacement.

1) Libram of Repentance – Obtained.

2) Chestguard of the Stoic Guardian – Obtained


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