Why do you fight?

An interesting question it is playing WoW or the game you play however you choose to play it. But Kaziel over on his blog in yesterdays post ask the question: Why do you fight? In many ways I share his same views on playing WoW and for progression and being able to see some of the endgame while at the same time having an interest and looking forward to Warhammer Online (WAR).

So I though I respond here as to some reasons Why do I fight the WoW fight and my Interest as to why I may do the same in Warhammer Online when it arrives.

I fight the fight in WoW pretty much in a PvE way. I’m Neither a Casual Player or a Hardcore Player, I’m what I refer to as a Dedicated Player and thats how I play and fight. Leveling via questing to progress to the higher levels to get the needed gear to progress to see the higher level content. Being able to see the higher level content thats locked behind instances. Being able to progress enough with the needed gear to access that game content is in many ways the reason why I fight on that front or with friends. In other things its progressing my character to maximize all his skills whether its weapons skills or in secondary professional skills available which allows me to progress smoothly and have a fun profession and do fun stuff like fishing.

I fight the fight of the expanding Warchest to fund my own war effort which would be using all my skills or taking quests to make money to acquire the things my character needs for his gear upgrades and repairs to make progress to acquire the gear to make progress to see the higher level content. Better gear and skill increase the possibility of seeing higher level content. That is pretty much my fight. I do enjoy playing WoW and just being able to see some the endgame content is fun and beyond what I though I would get to in the beginning. Yet where is the real war in WoW?

Enter Warhammer Online which will arrive in the future at some point soon which does have and interest to me as well as a different reason as to why I will play that game. I get and read the newsletters monthly, check out the new classes, watch podcast videos with interest, as well read the info. So I’ve already chosen my army alliance and that will be the order of “Destructionbecause its just more fun to game being of the evil faction in my opinion. I’ll probably chose the army of “Chaos Chosen“, or a Black Guard of the Dark Elfs. Will WAR be better than or more polished in look than WoW who knows. Don’t care its a game and will play whats fun. For me its a chance of playing a new and different game while in a different game enviroment.

So for what reasons does it peak me to fight there. Well from everything I’m seeing and reading WAR looks like a more dynamic game enviroment with both Realm vs Realm and against the game enviroment. Your character actions will matter to your character overall life and have consequences of all sorts. That to me have my interest playing or fighting in both sides of the game.

Unlike WoW where you level and gear for content, what seems apparent in WAR is that you can progress your character fighting or progressing in different ways where it will affect your character doing RvR, PvE or just through game play discovery. To me thats very dynamic game play where it seems everything you do, kill, meet, find in some way matters to your overall character as it relates to what would be in that game the Tome of Knowledge. That to me has my interest as it makes why I fight in the game all different, what I do matters in the grand scheme of my characters life it will seem. For that reason also I Will Fight there. Just a different game to play and fight in a different way. There its at least a constant war and a war to fight with consequences in WAR. In WoW its just about getting gear to progress to see more content. More content, better gear to see better content.

So as Kaizel asked before in his piece: Why do you fight?

2 thoughts on “Why do you fight?

  1. I fight because the people I face in Arena and BG are the next contestants on “Catch-a-Beatdown.”Good topic. 🙂 I’m still a bit skeptical at WAR with PVP, I think PVP is done incredibly well with WoW—to me, one of the signs of balance is when each class cries and complains about all the other classes in appropriate amounts.


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