Shared Topic: What Do I Enjoy About My Class

I’m a little behind on this Shared Topic from last week that was presented over on Blog Azeroth to other WoW bloggers. A member had asked the question: What do you enjoy about the class you play the most?

One of the things I like about my class/spec is the ability to Solo level and quest. Many people have said they have trouble soloing as a defensive class spec like mine is. But honestly I’ve never had that problem. I solo’d everything and still do it. Being able to do that in my spec is a reason to like my class. No, the mob won’t die in 5-8 seconds but it will kill itself trying to kill me and kill a bunch of them all while trying to do it also. In being a defensive class I enjoy being hard to kill physically while wearing heavy armor.

To me being a Protection Paladin is like being a Porcupinefish, defensive, sometime slow yet full throttle the next moment, hard to kill and you will suffer just trying to kill a properly armor geared paladin. Throw in a bunch of physical mobs and its mass death all at once. Yeah if its one the many things that I enjoy about being a paladin is being able to take on many crazy mobs all at the same time and survive to tell about it. Being in Heroics and being able to take on more mobs than you think you can survive and live to tell about it is something to enjoy with a good healer behind you. Being able to cast powerful spell at the worst of the worst in demons and spirits and such is something to enjoy. Ability to heal in a tight jam to save someone life is enjoyable when needed.

Its also fun when I need to be able to increase spell damage and threat in a tight jam with many mobs by just poping Wings “Avenging Wrath” yeah it can seem like a angel at work when it happens. But thats some the fun I enjoy being a Protection Paladin. Survival built to Last and Outlast the toughest of them all. Being able to take a licking and keep on going while using various tricks to survive well all those are reasons I enjoy playing my class. For me its not about the quick kill or dps, often its just being able to out survive and out last a mob with all the tricks you can muster to do it being a defensive class spec.

When tanking it just being tactical in how you decide to take on or tank mobs and going full throttle taking on everything in what can seem like a chaotic fight on a full blue mana bar all at once to out of mana the next when everything dies. Yeah that’s fun. I just enjoy being hard to kill with various tricks. That’s some the reasons I enjoy being a Protection Paladin.

2 thoughts on “Shared Topic: What Do I Enjoy About My Class

  1. <3 <3 <3 GaloI do it for the fellas. Last night I dinged 67 and went out to explore Netherstorm. At one point I pulled seven Zaxxis Stalkers and was having the battle of my life. I usually go Crystal Blade of the Dranei, but in times of extreme duress I switch back to my Flurry Axe w/ Crusader for the extra swings with Seal/Judge of Light. An ally druid pulled up to watch the fight, and those moments are what really drive me. The same night I also solo’d Netherock and Apex, and two other pallies stopped and asked if I needed assistance. When I declined they both took a seat and watched the show. Those epic solo battles that last for 8-10 minutes are what drive me and the one thing I love most about my spec.<3 Iysis - BronzebeardPS- Thanks for the advice. I decided I love doing what I do and to take my time and do it at my own pace. For my work against Netherock last night, I have a standing invite to a 70s only guild currently farming Kara and SSC!


  2. @Stillborninfant,Yes exactly one the reason i love to play my class, its the time people stop to watch in awe. Often they try to help by killing my mob and i get a little upset as it mess up my rythm killing the mob or using mob as a mana battery.Nice work on getting invited to a good guild.


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