Guides to Karazhan

One of the blogs I like to read our friend Ulushnar’s blog over at Wolfblood’s Writings who is a Protection Paladin doing much futher progression content. So I always read his blog to learn stuff myself. Ulushnar has being doing a series of guides for Karazhan from the point of being a Tank that has already done Karazhan and beyond. This weekend my Guild finally goes to Karazhan and will be tanking beside our guild warrior so its nice and interesting to read first hand guide from someone that plays my class. For Kara I’m just finally glad to be able to see the place really with almost everyone new going there. Maybe you’ve already done Kara, kudos to you. However for those that haven’t and still working on Kara you can find his Guides to Karazhan over on his blog as a much added resource to read.



  • Heh, thanks for the link. I’d reccomend pointing your readers at: I’ve labelled all my guides to Kara with “Karazhan” for ease of searching.

  • Thanks Wulfie, will refine the link.

  • I would really like to hear about your experience in Kara for the first time and tanking it. Wulfie’s guides do not take into account the trash pulls and I want to know if CC is involved or not as a Tankadin. I’m a 69th level Tankadin and have been using your information to tailor my toon along with some other pally blogs that I read. I too will soon be going into Kara and all this info is priceless. Thanks again.

  • Haven’t been to Kara as yet, our guild goes there on this Satuday.

  • Yes I know I got that from your post, I meant after you went in for the first time. I would be looking forward to any of your postings.

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