Blizzard, Why Not a Smart Loot System?

If you’ve played this game long enough I’m sure you have had to ask your self that same question. Doing leveling quests with quest rewards that have no benefit to you. Running Instances only to see the same gear drop over and over that can’t be used by anyone in party. Yeah it can be frustrating if your waiting for a specific gear drop usable by your class. So you wonder why Blizzard can’t have a smart loot system.

Often you notice you take a quest from a NPC and you notice it knows who you are by name and what class you are. So you wonder when in Instance if bosses can’t be configured to drop loot that matches the party thats there so its usable by someone in the group. Why drop leather gear when no class in the party wears leather? Why can’t the boss just drop cloth if most the group is all cloth wearers. At least someone gets a chance to get a gear piece they want. I’m no programmer but I have to figure that Blizzard could do that and have a much better loot system than the one we have.

Maby they could even have a system where the instance boss drops a certain amount of loot pieces and a token or dungeon badge item of some other kind like in heroics for everyone in party. Players can then turn item into that dungeon quartermaster for the dungeon gear piece you want that the boss didn’t drop. At least over time you can eventually get the gear piece you want if it don’t drop first for a group. With the current system just having random loot drop just not good enough. You can run a instance forever it seem before your piece randomly decides to drop.

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