75 Badges of Justice and a Chest Piece!

Being M.I.A. doing Allot of PuGing action……. Heroics that is. Yeah that scare some people PuGing Heroics. But If you want the Badge gear you do what it takes with or without guildmates whether they logged in or logged out. However I’m used to PuGing anyway. So with 75 Badges of Justice picked up my first (correction) second badge reward item piece a few hours ago Chestguard of the Stoic Guardian which will replaces my Breastplate of the Righteous.

Was really hard to decide what to get, but in the end decided on the chest piece especially since its not going to be replaced anytime soon in heading into Kara this weekend unless WotLK shows up quicker than expected. Anyway pulled some gems out the bank and socked it and got it fully enchanted before trying it on. Looks Awesome and with nice HP boost allot more Armor and Avoidance with a taste of Dodge Rating. Also still fully UnCrittable/Uncrushable with Holy Shield in my Kara tank set. More badges ahead!

Had spent allot of time researching and deciding what Badge piece to get, here are some Paladin (Tankadin) resources all linked on the sidebar. As always the Maintankadin Forum is a resource for Tankadins.

Tanking Gear Evolution – by Zen Tanking
MT Gear Progression – Maintankadin Forum (Tankadins)

8 thoughts on “75 Badges of Justice and a Chest Piece!

  1. Question: I know I’m a bit of a gem bonus addict, as well as a mitigation-over-stamina junkie, but in this case, I think I may not be the only one to suggest this: Is 6 extra stamina worth losing, for example, 4 Defense Rating and 4 agility for you? Because if you switched in a Shifting Nightseye and Enduring Talasite into the appropriate gem slots, you’d get back half of the 12 stam you lose with that gem bonus, and would get the aforementioned Defense and Agility in return.


  2. Congratulations!I got the same Breastplate a week ago and I think it’s awesome.But in regular 5-man heroics I still use the Breastplate of the Righteous because of two reasons:1. the 2-item set bonus;2. I don’t want to be over geared (less damage taken = less mana back);@SuraBear: Paladin tanks don’t need Agility. Important stats for us are Stamina, Spell Damage, Defense Rating, Dodge and Block. We need all the Stamina we can get because of the gap between the base Stamina of a Paladin and a Warrior. So yeah, 3x12STA gems are the obvious choice for a Paladin tank to put in this item. I’ve done the same.


  3. Actually gained max Stamina. Since there are Red/Yellow/Blue slots. If i had put a Enduring Talasite +4 Defense/ +6 Stamina and a Shifting Nightseye gem +4 Agility/+6 Stamina with a solid Star of Elune +12 then yes i would have have gained +4 Defense and Agility and the socket bonus of +6 Stamina but overall loss +6 Stamina with the gems. With 3 Solid Stars of Elune i have more effective Stamina for the current moment. Since i’m over 500 Defense already don’t really need more Defense rating, I’d rather have more Stamina (HP). Always a balance in what you need at different time with the gear you have for stats.


  4. I will still be using the Breastplate of the Righteous in my different gear sets As Needed or when running Heroics or just questing.


  5. Congrats! I heartily reccomend the Chest as the first badge piece any Tankadin gets (after the Libram ofc). For boss tanking, there’s nothing better before T6.


  6. My first badge purchase was the Libram – obvious choice there!The next was the Bishops Cloak for my healing set.I have Panzar Breastplate so my next tanking piece will probably be the shield to replace Ogrilla Aegis (Blue).


  7. Check “Item Improvements: a Short Guide” over at Maintankadin stickied in the gear section.I have 2 Chest pieces both with +6 All stats and 1 new Chest piece with +150 Health. It can get confusing sometimes which is better. I’ll take the +150 Health though.However you can go with +6 all stats if you need the extra 0.24% dodge avoidance from agility to reach or maintain uncrushable if its a problem not having enough avoidance in your gear. Or adding Kings on top of it.


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