New Discovery: Flask of Pure Death

Quite a bit busy all this week working at nights till the weekend, so not much time to write post or play WoW this week. But did had a little time to just log in and brew up some Elixirs to draw down my over stocked herb bank for space. Discovered Flask of Pure Death in the process. Not bad for Elixir Mastery. I should be Master of discovering Flasks!

Secret: Make a heck of a lot of high level Elixirs/Flasks and potions. However in my case making a lot of Elixirs seem to be working for me. Thats about my 5th Flask Discovery.


  • *Lusts*I want those flasks so bad.Duskwood is notorious for them. I see about 1 Flask of Pure Awesome per week on the Auction House.I’m at the point now where I’m willing to spend 50g per, because I want them so badly…

  • Hehe, for the longest time, I was my guild’s only Elixir master. Most of Karazhan learning, actually. Because of that, I got ALL of the Flask discoveries in pretty short order. It meant that I had to actually keep alchemy when I wanted to drop it for leatherworking/skinning (again), but I guess in the end it was a good thing I kept alchemy, now that druids can use potions, and mad alchemist potions are both easier to make and more potent than Super Healing Pots.

  • 50g for the Flask on your server Euripedes wow thats up there. I can only hope price gets that high on my young server.So far i’ve crafted up a few already for stock for AH. Here’s to discovering more Flasks! The more the better!

  • Sold 2 at 45g! Woot Yeah for Flask!

  • 2 for 45g? I think I hate you. My Flasks of Fortification cost me 45g a pop when I have to AH them. Luckily I only do so for ZA, since my SSC/TK flasking is taken care of via the CD bank.

  • Thats 45g Each Flask.

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