Happy Birthday Galo – One Year of WoW.

Its amazing the stuff you can forget and remember in this game both which is allot. But today is Galoheart’s Birthday for One year of WoW. So if I can’t remember it who will. Yeah exactly one year ago 01/22/07 on this day I booted up that TBC 2 CD set of WoW jumped in and decided to roll a magic energy mana addicted Blood Elf. Rolled Galoheart my ever loving Paladin and one year later I’m still going on the very same toon from one year ago. Remembered the starting zones back then, you think the Horde was overrun with Blood Elfs back then. Hundreds of them back then in the starting area. So you heard it all back then as one of the many BE’s. “BE’s will never make it”. “Not Part of the Horde”. “They won’t last”. “Pretty Boys”. “They don’t know how to play”. Yeah everything you can think of I heard it. I just did what the energizer bunny always do……just kept going, going, and going. If you being around since WoW Beta my hats off to you for being in the game that long. Galo haven’t.

So kinda nice to look back and laugh at it all after one year of WoW. Yeah Galo is still going. The little Blood Elf that could and still playing the very same class/professions I rolled one year ago. Do You or Can You remember when you created your character and when your character Birthday is?

Happy Birthday Galo!

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Galo – One Year of WoW.

  1. grats man, my first character was a rouge that i got to 33 and then i quit just about 2 weeks before TBC, i started playing wow about 2 months before TBC came out. I have played a lot of classes since then and just now have finally found my class for the world of warcraft, and its hunters!


  2. Jadenrose the druid was my first character. Rolled December 24th, 2004. She started out on Illidian, went to Stonemaul during the first free transfers ever, went back to Illidian 2 years later, and is now on Antonidas. Funny how that all works out.


  3. well. i have been playing WoW before BC.and during that time i have made and deleted several toons. the most recent was my lvl 59 Blood Elf paladin. he was my first paladin EVER. i rolled him the day BC came out and it took me about 7 months to get him to 59. and durning that time.i..i just didnt like him. i have never known that a paladin could be that fun. but you see. i was a follower with my cousin. he said dont play paladin. well i did. untill BC needless to say i couldnt stand him any long and deleted my Belf pally on November 28th. as soon as i did that i felt free and it felt right for some reason. and i knew right then and there i wanted to play alliance.i hit the realm list running. i picked a random server. and made my Sungar whom i love with every inch of my being. the same night. and now two months later i am well on my way to 70. for Sun is now at 61 and tanking everything and everyone down to the dust.and happy WoW b-day galo


  4. Big Happy 1 Year to ya Galo.. Manilin is my 70 Prot Paly rolled about 6 months ago.. Nilnah was my first toon rolled on May 11 2006.. Night Elf Hunter ( still love the hunter class ).. Mani ( as I’m normally called in game ) is my real main toon now simply because I seem to love the paly class better than the hunter class…lol I was very nervouse rolling and building a “tank” after running with a dps class for so long but of all the ones you could make, ( In my humble opinion ), the Prot Paly is the best.. With a good healer on ya, you almost never run “out” of mana and can maintain increadable amounts of threat..Gratz again.. and keep the posts coming


  5. Firelight is just about to have his 2nd birthday as my first toon i got past 29.(not my first toon, but my first main)


  6. HolyWarrior was my first (of many) and is still my main. Leveled from 0-Prince Malchy as holy and only recently had forays into Tankadinning.It may even be his 2nd birthday today !! Not far off either way.Happy 1st Birthday.


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