@Goldsoon. You Comments Will Be Removed!

I’m thinking when “goldsellers” and gold selling outfit start leaving lots of random comments all over your blog especially at 1am trying to sell gold or point people to their site your pretty much out there in the Blogosphere. Especially if your being noticed enough for them to start dropping gold selling comments all over in an attempt to sell gold. I know why some people on their blog moderate their comments. I personally don’t at this point to keep blog comments more open but will Moderate it if I need to. But every goldsellers comments have been and will be removed when seen, because I see and know where everyone of them shows up anywhere on my blog comments.

So to “Goldsoon” the person leaving all those comments all over my blog and I know your leaving lots of them and on many other peoples blog too. I don’t need your gold, nor do I want your gold and i’m not going to promote your site or anyone else here on my blog and comments will all have being and will continue to be removed. And quit putting your comments on my site because as fast as you put them there I WILL remove them as well as EVERY other comment you or anyone else put there as well as your anonymous ones. I know ever single comment made on my blog in comments and I get a bloggers record of it. And for each comment you “Goldsoon” put there it will be REMOVED just as FAST and I can do it even while I’m Mobile Anywhere on my IPhone as well. So its no point leaving gold selling comments on my blog as I will exercise the right to remove every single one of those comments with great pleasure. And I WILL!

The lengths goldsellers go through to sell gold. Yeah I aren’t putting up with it here and on my own blog. I will take great pleasure in removing all those gold comments as well as the stealth ones that get spammed at 2am in the morning. And to any readers that visit or lurks here PLEASE DO NOT CLICK on any readers comment that hints to or points to a gold site. If its questionable as a link PLEASE DO NOT CLICK on it. I hate to have to resort to moderating comments but its last resort if need be.

7 thoughts on “@Goldsoon. You Comments Will Be Removed!

  1. Flagged. I hope you’re also making complaint directly to Google/Blogger. They really need a better tool for you guys to use to stop this crap. I suggested to BBBB he check Akismet, but I really don’t think they have a Blogger module, only WordPress.


  2. Along with your quote of “PLEASE DO NOT CLICK”, you can mouse over the name and then check the url at the bottom of the browser. Make sure it doesn’t end in Html, exe, mov, avi, or anything that will make your computer run the applets on the page.With that you can make a even better judgment if you would follow a bloggers name to their site.


  3. Thanks. I do the mouse over too and can see the url in my browser. FOr the gold sellers comments, i just remove them and not even waste time going to their site.Sometime you have to remind people though beware before you click goldsellers comments.


  4. Personally, I’ve got drug spammers coming to my blog. Thank goodness for Akismet. Valdesta< HREF="http://wowgrrl.com" REL="nofollow">WoWGrrl player blog<>


  5. Does blogspot have a feature which marks unwanted post as spam? WordPress does which I use and works great… /knock on wood


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