Weekend Highland Fishing

The weekend was kinda laid back and uneventful for the most part. I’m usually always in LFG even for no good reason at all and sometimes just by habit I’m there, just to see whats happening. So did a SV run for a group needing a tank, which gets me closer to exalted with CE. Ran SL for a guildie that needed a SL run with 3 others from PuG. All unevenfull for the most. So most the weekend just did Fishing to restock supplies. I hadn’t fished for a while so made a weekend just fishing and relaxing while I was in LFG.

Fished in Nagrand at the two big lakes from Fish Pools for some Ice Bluefin (+23 Spell DMG & +23 Spirit when cooked) and Figluster’s Mudfish (+20 Agility & +20 Spirit when cooked). All great for tanking. If you hate to fish get used to it since all the best food buffs are from Fishing for food ingredients. So fished allot of fish and picked up lots of crates and motes of water. Think I got like 3 Primal Water all together. I just made the rounds from fish pool to fish pool in total relaxation and never had no competition for fishing pools. Actually never saw a single person while I was fishing. So stocked up my Alt GuildBank with lots of fish buff food.

Rest of time spent in Terokkar Forest fishing Highland Mixed pools for Furious Crawdads. I fished all 3 Highland Lakes just going from pool to pool and restart it all over. You need a Flying Mount to get to those areas. I had a bag full of Aerodynamic Fishing Attractors (+100 fishing for 10 mins) and just fished all the time. Most you can ever get from a vendor is 2 of those lures if they have them so I usually bank them and stock up for fishing. Combined the Lures (+100) with my Fishing Skill (375) and Fishing Rod (+25) thats 500 fishing to fish Highland Mixed Pools which you just about need to have. By the end of the weekend I had over 180 Furious Crawdads which makes Spicy Crawdads (+30 Stamina & +20 Spirit). Best food buff for Tanking around also. Also fished 85 Golden Darters which makes Golden Fish Sticks a nice healing food which I may sell for a handsome profit for a in demand fish. So I also have a Alt GuildBank full of Tanking Buff food. You don’t have to ask me to farm food, I think I’m pretty good at it.

Fished up lots of Curious Crates which I left unopened and sent to one my Alt to inspect for the Fishing Journal. Since Galo already had the skill for Find Fish I can’t view the journal in fished up crates if its even there at all. So had a alt do it and ended up with enough crates that each of my alt got their own Fishing Journal which was 6 journals. While fishing Highland Mixed pools fished up allot of Inscribed scrolls. In the end I had over 20+ scrolls. Lots of scrolls for Stamina/Agility/Intellect. I can make good use of those. Of all the places I’ve found scrolls ever I think I found the most fishing in Highland Mixed pools…Blizzard must have a sense of humor with fishing.

9 thoughts on “Weekend Highland Fishing

  1. Just a little confused here, you said you store this on an alt guildbank? Is this the bank for your guild or did you create a guild just to get the bank?


  2. One one my Alt has his own Personal Guild of 1 and thus has a GuildBank of his own to store all the stuff for my Paladin main character.


  3. So how did you swing the ten sigs necessary to do that? And just curious what is your guild on 1 called? 😉


  4. @ Jerec. A 1 person personal guild for a Alt guild bank is not hard to do. Find or pay 9 people for their sig while letting them know its going to be a personal guild and they will be removed after its formed. Easy to do. In my case for my Alt Banker I just paid 9 lowbies 1g each for sig and later removed everyone else. My Alt banker is a non leveling Alt with his own bank for storage needs.


  5. I’m not sure why I never thought of that, it’s a great idea for those that are strapped for space, such as myself. Thanks for the info…after playing this game for three years you would think I would have thought of this…sigh…Thanks again…;-)


  6. You made fishing almost sound fun and relaxing. :OI hate fishing because of the attention it requires while being quite dull, but buff foods are becoming an increasing priority for me. Argh! How do you do it!


  7. Great work Galo. You were my inspiration to roll a paladin from day one. I picked up your blog back when you were running around Un’Goro solo’ing crazy elite dinosaurs. I went Protection from the start and right now I’m really starting to run into some difficulty. I’m level 63 and totally struggling in Outland. I’m finding that the low damage output of prot-spec makes solo leveling just grueling. At the end of my guild’s second week in Outland, the average level was 65. That was three weeks ago. Everyone is 68-70 now and beginning work on Heroics. I’m the verge of going Retribution. Please don’t let it happen. Advice! Please! I <3 you Galoheart!PS- I joined my guild at 40, showed them the love of multi-mob tanking, and we’ve picked up two more Tankadins since. Tankadins = Win!-Iysis-Bronzebeard


  8. @gt. How do i do it? Well i’m patient and thats the simple answer to it when fishing for buff food or fishing itself.@Anonymous. Glad i inspired you to level up your paladin. Hope it has being fun for your also. I’m not quite sure what to tell you if your feeling stuck. Best i can tell you is just keep going. Its much easier for you leveling than when i did myself. I also leveled entirely alone so i had no guild support, no friends around in game and such or anyone to compare myself to. It was just me questing all the time and having fun my own way with a goal and i kept going. Much easier for you with a guild and guildies. Obviously you may be feeling your guildies leveling are leaving you behind. Whatever you choose to do its all up to you, however at least have fun getting there. It was for me as it was never a race or with anyone else.


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