Netherwing Mines Loot Gear

I don’t really take time to do my dailies as much anymore dedicately. I still do over half of them still though. I really don’t need the gold as much but though I’ll still take it. When I was leveling 65-70 I used to wonder where you find all that green gear on AH because I just could never find much except on quest reward or having to buy it on AH allot. So over time doing dailies running thru Netherwing Mines I’ve noticed that place is full of level 66-70 green gear and I’ve gotten a lot of good green plate too. I sell it all on AH. I usually consecrate the side of the mines with the Ravagers and the Flayers from end to end clean collecting crystals fr dailies and usually leave there with 4-5 pieces of green gear. Today I had a Blue Furies Card drop surprised me a bit but then again its all lvl 70 mobs for random drops. So I decided to put up pics of Mob Info and all the green gear I’ve gotten off of them. So gear I’ve gotten multiple times for green drops. Thats from the addon Mob Info.

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