A Re-Spec Change – Dropped Reckoning

Over the weekend decided on a Re-Spec change. Still 0/48/13 in my build but decided to finally drop Reckoning. For many high level Protec Paladins (Tankadin) it can seen to be a love and hate relationship with Reckoning. Many raiding Tankadins usually drop points from the talent or drop it all together from their spec due to the parry effect it can do on Prince which is best avoided. I loved the talent leveling up for all the grinding and fast action. However I’ve been evaluating it for a while and especially when grinding doing my dailies and after a while decided to drop it from my spec.

Reckoning proc is unpredictable for its seal proc when it does proc and wearing tanking gear it barely ever does proc much or hardly ever. So decided to drop my 4/5 in Reckoning and put 5/5 in One-Hand Specialization. Really hard to find a good extra point anywhere in protection tree so steal one point from Spell Warding. So far since the Re-Spec I can’t say I’ve misses Reckoning. I went out to the BT and pulled all the Demon Hunters in sight and still never missed Reckoning. Ran through the Netherwing mines for the dailies, pulled everything and still not missed Reckoning. The 5% increase from One-Hand Specialization is noticeable increase or Seals/Judgement and especially on consecrations which can be 30-40% of my damage. Thats probably the 4-5th time I’ve ever Re-Spec.

One thought on “A Re-Spec Change – Dropped Reckoning

  1. Tbh, the Parry haste effect on The Prince is minor and not worth dropping Reckoning for alone. That said, as I find my Avoidance increasing, Reckoning obviously procs less. Add into that an increase in Spelldamage and one-handed spec ends up giving better results overall.


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