Year End 2007 Faction Reputation Update

Faction Reputation Update:
Silvermoon City:
Revered (7816/21000)
ThrallmarRevered (3253/21000) – Need Exalted.
The Scryers –
The Shat’ar – Exalted.
Lower CityRevered (1156/21000). Need Exalted for Alchemy.
Keepers of Time – Revered (3628/21000). Need Exalted for Alchemy.
Ogri’la – Revered.
Cenarion ExpiditionRevered (14955/21000). Need Exalted.
The Consortium – Honored (7460/12000).
The Mag’harRevered (8298/21000).
Sporeggar – Honored (908/12000).
Sha’tari SkyguardExalted.
The Violet Eye – Friendly (369/6000).
KarazhanMaster Keyed

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