A Random Inspection – Lvl 70 Tanking Paladin

Saw this on a lvl 70 Tanking Paladin while I was at the mailbox in Orgrimmar. I couldn’t help but noticing the +5 spell critical rating/ +5 spell penetration gems he had on either. So checked his weapon and found this enchant. So I messaged to ask him why so, well he never answered. Maybe I’m missing something here but why would a lvl 70 Tanking Paladin based on his gear be wearing Icy on a prime spell damage tanking sword especially with threat generation for tanking?

8 thoughts on “A Random Inspection – Lvl 70 Tanking Paladin

  1. No, just no. Icy? Icy!!Even for a Rogue (fast attack speed) it doesn’t proc enough.Spell penetration gems? Ayieeee!Paladin tanking is becoming more accepted so more people are giving it a go. Most guilds now have at least one Protection Paladin in them.But being clueless about your class is not limited to Hunters (sorry BRK). There are people who play every class and spec in the game who really don’t know what they are doing.There is really very little direct feedback from the game to tell you that you are doing something wrong. You aren’t going to get a big red error message when you socket a Spell Penetration gem.It is up to each player to find resources to learn how to play their toon to the best of their ability, but I’ve found very few players who actively do this.


  2. Yeah i though What the heck when i saw it. So i even messaged him to ask and he just never answered. Dunno why. I though humm maybe i’m missing something new here. lolI would of happily helped him out but he just never responded.


  3. A mistake, maybe foolishness. If not those, just because it looks pretty cool with the glow effect.As for the penetration, thats silly ,since theres no holy resist in the game >.<


  4. I would opt for looks or it was a gift from a well meaning friend.In my ignorance I am guessing that something like +40 spell damage would be a better choice?Bless him.


  5. I would think he just has that equipped in Org as part of a “RP” set or just likes the glow so he equips it in towns. Probably not the sword/weapon he tanks with.


  6. I guess i would say a mistake and a bit of foolishness with the enchant on the sword. The pally is somewhere around the same level as i am as far as gear progression and endgame based on all his gear. Usually for a Paladin its +40 to a spell damage sword for tanking thats a given since its a Paladin major source of spell damage for their spells. So maybe he didn’t know much better. Dunno sometimes, its amazing what you see sometimes on a random inspection.


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