Netherwing Exalted! – Exalted in Screenshoots

Time 6 Days total (That’s 6 Real Life Days not WoW days) from Neutral to Exalted. Lots and lots of Egg Hunting and maxed at 16 eggs in one day. That’s a damn lot of Eggs Hunting. You have to search EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME! Made back over 2500g in that time since first Epic Mount and collected over 10 primal mana from picking pollens all the time for motes on Netherwing Quests. Got Exalted with Netherwing faction after turning completing 2 daily quests and then turning in more eggs from the Egg Hunt for more reps today after only needing about 800 more reps. I worked my ass off collecting Eggs. Now Highlord Dragonmaw Galoheart. I guess that’s the only title I’ve ever earned in all of WoW. At Exalted get to meet and I totally survived Illidan Stormrage. Can you believe it!
Rescued from Illidan Stormrage wrath and a Epic Dragonflight to Shattrath.

Quest Complete. You get to pick your own companion Netherwing Drake.

Epic Reins. Its not T4 from Karazhan as I have yet to go there. But its my Epic with my own effort and time. I put my ass into getting the job done and that’s better than sitting around and complaining just why you can’t put the effort in yourself to get one if you want or can’t afford 300 riding skills necessaryto get there. Its all up to you and your efforts.
A Tank and his new Mount. A Main Tank should have first class transportation. Well for me thats the way I roll.
This one screenshot is thanks to HolyWarrior a reader here, I kept my word. So I went and sat on the Flight Master at Shattrath. LOL. Was funny to watch people try to click on the Flight Master while I sat on him. Was FUN! Thanks for the tip HolyWarrior.
First Flight of my new Epic Onyx Netherwing Drake. It may not be faster than my other Epic Windrider Mount at 280% speed. But its a unique Mount and it stands out among the crowd. I went for a unique color. Almost everyone I see has some shade of a blue mount.
Zoom Zoom Zoom. Taking my new ride for a spin around the block. Mission Accepted, Mission Accomplished!

8 thoughts on “Netherwing Exalted! – Exalted in Screenshoots

  1. Major gratz on your new dragon. I’m only about 2k short of my new blazing fast chopper.Even though I wouldn’t have much use for the mount, the quests sound like a blast.Don’t be too hard on your slower flying comrades. Alchemy is one of the best money making professions out there.


  2. @ Honors you will get there soon 🙂@Horns. Yes took 6 Days or doing all the daily quests + a Heck of a lot of consistent Egg Hunting. Getting to Honored & Revered fast made a big difference as you get more quests at each level.I’ve hear of players doing it much faster. I would guess on a very young server and just being nuts about it doing it in less time. Was always competition to find the eggs for 250 reps each turn in.


  3. 6 days is do-able, I took 2-3 weeks just with the dailies, it’s all down to how many eggs you can find. I probably handed in 4 eggs the whole time.Good choice, I went for the Onyx one too 🙂Galo, I wish I could take credit for the flightmaster joke, but ’twas not I (unless i was very drunk when I posted) but thanks for the link anyway!! I have also read that tip on another pally blog that we probably share in our “Blogs to Read” list.Big Gratz !


  4. @ Light of the Sun. Will sneak a little post up sometime this week on the addons I have in my interface usefull for tanking that i use. @Lalecize. Will talk about it sometime later in the week in a post on being guildless. Yeah i’m the great Pugger still. I guess it was you then that mentioned i block off the FP Master in Shatt. Well Thanks all the same.


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