Sky Wrecked on Netherwing Ledge – Netherwing Revered

Well you probably wonder where I’ve been. Fear not I’m alive and well on my current goal of getting my Epic Netherwing Flying Mount. I just like to focus on things and get it done. So I’ve now attained the Rank of Commander and also Revered with the Netherwing Faction.

Pretty much have being living out in Shadowmoon Valley more so out on Netherwing Ledge for the most part since last Saturday. I barely see Shattrath City much. Running around doing the daily Netherwing Faction quests and back and forth to Shadowmoon Valley. So far I’ve managed to get all the daily quests done just about all 10 on most days. Did take a while to get the routine down a bit though and getting from Neutral to Revered in that time. As you gain faction rep levels with the Netherwing more and more daily quests open up to the point you can just about do Netherwing daily quests all day long as well as the other quests that become available.

I’ve also managed win 2 of the Skyguard races so far which are one time races I think they are for a total of 7 I think it is. First couple of times I didn’t quite get the race and got knocked off my mount at high altitude and fell to my death into the void… OUCH! So far challenged and won 2 of them woot. They give about 500 reps each when won. Most of the Netherwing quests are fun in some way, yet after some time it can seem like a grind also on some the quests. Some quests are more fun than others. Running through the mines can be fun AoEing everything, though you can get tired of seeing the mines also after been in there allot. Lots of the quests are kill or collection quest for X or whack and poison the Dragonmaw Peons which is more fun. Most quests give about 25o reps each.

The other thing is hunting for Netherwing Eggs (reps) which are BoP, which can seem like fun to try and hunt down and find or can get you frustrated if you don’t know where to look or how to find. Netherwing eggs seem to be randomly (rare) drops from the mobs on the ledge your kill, found when picking pollen herbs or mining (depends on trade skill for quest). Rest seem to be hidden among and between the crystal formations on the Ledge and on the floating islands. Quite a few can be found in the Dragonmaw camp in Shadowmoon Valley where one egg can at least be found IF SPAWNED in the tower behind each Dragonmaw Rider (4 Total), inside the Netherwing Whelp pen, inside a open building with the caster. Next to a wagon on the ground. Behind one Netherwing Drake on the round by a camp with a Orc. Two can be found inside the big building behind the imprisoned Elite Netherdrake. The rest you can find IF YOUR LUCKY on the floating islands and around the islands.

You have to be CONSTANTLY LOOKING ALL the TIME to find those things as they can spawn at any time. They give 250 reps each Egg. That can be fun, although time consuming and frustrating if you not know where to look. Yesterday I collected about 14 eggs most I ever found and remember exactly where I found them also. But then again, I was picking every herb and looking behind every crystal and constantly hunting for eggs all the time in between quests.

You can average over 150-200g a day doing the Netherwing quests. After getting my Epic Mount a few days ago I’m already back over 2000g already. But then again, I’m not spending much money on anything these days on repairs since I’m not running any Instance or Heroics or anything at this point. I get lots of /w everyday to run instances or Heroics, but most I decline. When I run through the mines I grind everthing in site (never know a eggs can drop) and I always leave with a full back of green drops, eggs and gray stuff worth lots of gold. So money is flowing easily as well as AH all the stuff that I pick up all the time. I’m even making more money than my Alts with their AH stuff so that’s telling how fast the money rolls in. For now its the long haul to Exalted at which point you should be able to so some short quests to get my Netherdrake Mount. I can feel I’m real close to getting it soon.

3 thoughts on “Sky Wrecked on Netherwing Ledge – Netherwing Revered

  1. This is awesome. I’m at the same stage in my Netherwing grind. Roughly 5K rep left till Exhausted. I’m definitely looking forward that Drake.The most eggs I ever got in a day was 7, but then again I’m a hunter and have to take the mobs in the mines 2 or 3 at a time. I saw a pally down there the other day and I was amazed. He aggroed the entire mine. Just a sea of flayer claws and ravager pincers flying around like a tazmanian devil. I thought the guy was in grave danger, but before I butted in to help him, I targeted him and saw he was perfectly healthy and doing it on purpose. Simply amazing!I have huge respect for the Paladin. My pally alt is only 26, but he’s more fun to play every level.


  2. I dunno if thats methodical or nuts. GG either way. I would not have the focus or drive to do that. Which Netherwing will you get?


  3. I would say its a bit Methodical & Focus driven 🙂Think I have about 11K left to Exaulted. That means by the weekend i should be Exaulted with the Netherwing I would think and earn the Netherdrake Mount. Haven’t spend any time thinking about what color as yet though.


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