Fishing and Weather Beaten Journal

I love to fish for fun in WoW for R&R and for food buffs. Tanks consume lots of foods on every run for the added buffs. This is awesome fishing tracker just like finding herbs with the herb tracker for Herbalism which I have. Picked this up right after we got the recent patch. I just flew around Zangarmarsh and locating floating debris everywhere or floating steam pumps best place in Outland in my opinion to find these after all water everywhere. Any floating debris works to be able to fish one of these up in various different crates. Took me fishing in about 8-10 floating debris to get mine. You see the journal in it when you do fish up the crates.

If you pick up the journal when you spot it in the crate you can leave it there and not remove it. If you decide to keep fishing you can still fish up another crate with the journal in it as long as you never remove a journal from the crate as its BoP. However if you remove any one the journal from crate you will no longer see the other journal in any other crate you may have. Fish up as many as you can and if be sell the crates with the journal in them, mail it to your alts if you want or sell the complete crate to make money maybe. I just fished up one, that’s all I needed.

Fishing Tracker on (yellow dots) in Terokkar Forest in the Highland areas over by Skettis in the lake. Tracking Highland Mixed Pools. Fished up lots Furious Crawdads. They only give you the best food stamina buff in the game making Spicy Crawdad (+30 Stam/+20 Sprit) currently and often very hard to get even with max fishing skill and a very good fishing rod. Need high level fishing about 475 for total (Skill+Rod+Lure) fishing to reliable catch these. I use Nat Pagle’s Extreme Angler FC-5000 (Horde only). You need +100 fishing lures (10 minute lures) to use to catch them with a very good fishing rod. So I often stack those fishing lures whenever I see them at any vendor and save them up as you can only ever buy so much at 1 0r 2 a time. Make sure to get your self one these journals, you will not regret the time it takes to get one. At least I don’t, ever seen the price of Furious Crawdad on AH. Its pure gold and you can bet I will be fishing up lots of them for my tanking use of course and AH as well.

Updated: One the nice things with the Fish Tracking is you can just be flying around doing whatever with fishing tracker on and spot fish pools. Drop down and fish get a mote or two. That’s Awesome! Fishing is worth leveling, some people just decide not to have the patience to level it but its so usefull. I bet if Blizzard dropped some random Epics in the lakes or ocean more people would just for that.

3 thoughts on “Fishing and Weather Beaten Journal

  1. All my guildies who fish LOVE the new tracking. Good for me, they put their extras in the bank vault in the raiding mats tab, YUM YUM food!


  2. My 70 mage alt, picked this up on the second crate in STV. I’ve considered spending some time to level all the way up so I can track down the furious crawdad and make more tanking food for my pally tank, Owaru. The node tracking changes are great. Not only can my mage track the fishes, but he can track the gas clouds 🙂


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