Heroics – Libram of Repentance

Well its finally now mine. Standard Paladin tanking Libram for Kara and beyond. With Holy Shield up I can attain uncrushable status without it gear wise. Now I’m easily uncrushable with it and Holy Shield up wearing my normal good tanking gear pre-Kara. Earned my last 5 badges completing daily dungeon for Heroic Steamvault. The Libram cost 15 Badges of Justice at G’eras in Shattrath city. I’ve now completed all my 5 man pre-Kara gear goals.

So how was Heroic Steamvault? Well be in my next post.



  • Congrats ! =)

  • Well done mate.

  • Congratulations. I got mine too yesterday. took my avoidance from 97.5 to 102.8 – Uncrushable FTW 🙂

  • ohhh nice i like that onei went back playing my blood elf as well. so i am close to hitting endgame.

  • Well done.. another pat on the back..

  • congrats!

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