New To Heroics, Be Prepared!

As a result of Patch 2.3 the requirements for Heroics was lowered from select faction Revered to Honoured. You no longer have to prove you got the chops been tested and Revered with blue gear to prove your somewhat ready to perform at Heroic level. Anyone at Honoured for the select instance faction at lvl 70 can now find a group…. or try to and venture into a Heroic level Dungeon. Willing to risk life and limb being unprepared and most likely put 4 other unsuspecting people at death’s gate.

If your a new Paladin tank or if your another tanking class do your self and other people a huge favor and be prepared! As Illidan says.. you are not prepared! For Paladins you need some damn good blue gear. You need 485 Defense minimum for Heroics and at least 10K HP minimum to make a decent shot at doing Heroics. I would say 11K HP would be a lot better and you would be doing the Healer and the other DPS a huge favor in you having survivability in front of melee mobs that hit from out of this world HARD. They hit harder than mobs in Karazhan. Just because you tanked a few instances new at 70 don’t mean you should venture into Heroics with crappy gear and crappy greens and think your going to survive. You won’t in one piece! Your going to be running up lots of people’s repair bill being unprepared. That’s goes to DPS as well as Healers who lack healing power also. I love PuG’s but I sure won’t be in yours in Heroic mode!

4 thoughts on “New To Heroics, Be Prepared!

  1. Well said as always Galo… Most of the 70’s in my guild were wearing epic gear before attempting the Heroics and they were a tad bit upset that the rep requirement was dropped to honored to get the key ( course I snatched mine up right away at honored =) ).. I work with several of these guys so I’ve listened about how hard the mobs are hitting there. I have no intention of going in them or even trying to until I’ve gotten my tank set completed which will mean that I will have had to get the higher reps to begin with.


  2. Very well said…and I agree as I will not PUG any heroic. Heroics are a different level and require everyone to be well geared (that means no greens!). Mobs in heroics hit like a ton of bricks and even epic’d out groups will wipe regularly. It will be interesting to see what the change to getting heroic keys is like now with only needing to be honored with each faction. I thought the grind to being revered with each of the factions was just in that it required many regular instance runs in which hopefully you would be able to get geared up in order to run a heroic once you hit revered. I got my keys before patch 2.3 hit and was able to get blued out through the grind which was necessary to be able to run a heroic.


  3. You don’t have to be decked out in Epics to do Heroics but it sure helps. But all the same if you have Epic level gear on its high level quality gear. Its shows you’ve done some work to acquire that gear which packs power in Heroics and even then they still hit damn Hard.However for your class whatever class you may be there are very solid quality blues that you get from having run 5 man instance that makes a huge difference to you having decent QUALITY gear. People just need to take the time put in the work to have solid gear on.


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