Post 2.3 Farming for a Azure Whelping Pet

A new pet was added in Patch 2.3 the Azure Whelping pet which are quite cute nice little blue pets and farmable in Azshara. Can be farmed or grind from killing Elite lvl 51-52 Dragons if you dare put in the time it takes.
If you have a map Addon for coordinates you can find them around a large ruin area around 38, 78 spread out around a large area. There are three kind off Elite Dragons here but the ones that I’m aware that drops the Azure Whelping pet are the Blue Dragonspawn & Draconic Mageweaver. However just to make sure a pet dropped my motto is kill everything just to make sure. Started at around 10pm and it was just me and the lvl 60 Alliance Hunter there in the pic in entire area. Got called to kill last boss in Heroic SP and picked my 3 Badges of Justice for 30 minutes. By time that I got back thee were over a dozen people there farming the pet.

Persistence always pays off. It was about 0215 when I finally got my pet. When I left that lvl 60 Alliance Hunter was still there. He was farming the Dragon skins. I’m quite sure he got plenty. After all he was there before I first got there. Not sure what those skins are worth but he got a ton I’m sure as no Dragon in the entire area stayed alive for even a minute. Anyway now proud owner of a Azure Whelping companion pet on my server and not many people seem to have them as yet I’ve seen. Glad that grind is now over.

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