Post Patch 2.3

Hasn’t been smooth since patch 2.3. On patch day I was back to vanilla WoW as my UI didn’t work nor did many of my Addons. So spent most of that time trying to manually update addons. Its a few days later and I’m still playing with getting Addons working properly. So play time has really been limited on Galo. For the most part I just went played with one or two of my alts a bit as my UI’s get updated as didn’t feel like playing much with error messages constantly on my screen. So got my Hunter from 23 to 28. The life of Addons and broken Addons on every patch.

7 thoughts on “Post Patch 2.3

  1. Yes I do use MacAceUpdater to auto update my various addons. Not all the addons are updated from Ace only. Some are updated at other sites and not at Ace.


  2. My Hunter level 28 alt is a Blood Elf, so are all my alts if its a Blood Elf class. My Hunter alt is also on my old server so he’s on his own there.Only class i do not play is a Warrior and don’t care to which was my very first character in WoW which i leveled to 18 and deleted on trial account to them make my ever constant Paladin.


  3. What addon do you use for threat management? I use KTM but I think I saw something about another popular one but missed the name.


  4. Galo, what add-ons are giving you trouble? My update was the most pain-free ever, and I have a LOT of add-ons! Is it because of differences in the Mac client? (Although I don’t recall BRK–the only other major Mac user I’m aware of) reporting significant problems.In addition to the WoW Ace Updater, does the Client come in a Mac flavor?Sorry for your pain, and hope things are better soon!


  5. The Addon problem I was having I got it fixed last night. It was a Fubar problem. I just removed all the Fubar Addons then reinstalled new ones. Turned out the problem was with “Fubar2” and i removed it solved that problem. AuctioneerAdvance was having some problems but updated the even newer version that was updated yesterday and that fixed some freezing up problems with that Addons on scans.Had some problems with Cartographer where if you mouse over the map in client it totally lock up your UI for several seconds due to mousing over mini map. Removed that addon and reinstalled it. Will check to see if its fixed soon. Overall most the UI’s are now back to normal. Some not updated like my Mob infor but for the most its ok for now.


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