Update 11/05/07

A bit busy for a few days catching up on some real life stuff so haven’t played as much WoW as a result. Not that much to update. My banker Alt hit 1500g so that puts me a about 2500g for a Epic Mount. Also created a one man guild for my banker alt so he can have a guild bank full of space when guild banks arrives in patch 2.3 to store all of my character and alts stuff. Other than that not much to update just trying to finish some stuff I need to do in real life.

One more day left on the Paladin Epic Mount poll. Thanks to everyone that voted.

5 thoughts on “Update 11/05/07

  1. You might want to fix the typo in your left sidebar, “Farovite Links”.To make this comment at least a little related to your post, I noticed you have herbalism when checking your armory profile – perhaps you can make some gold < HREF="http://yawown.blogspot.com/2007/10/making-gold-easy-herbs-and-primal-life.html" REL="nofollow">this way<>.hmm… not the comment looks more spammy then unrelated 🙂


  2. You profile says you were once a Second Life player. I am curious about it and how it works. It all seems very foriegn to me.


  3. @ Gamer MommyI did and still do played Second Life it was my first MMO. I still visit or log in SecondLife every now and then and haven’t given up the game as i still have lots of friends there. I don’t really play it right now since i’m mostly playing WoW. When i started playing WoW it was for artistic inspiration in enviromental design to use in SecondLife but along the way i fel in love with the game. Started playing SecondLife back in 2004 and back then game barely had 25k accounts. Back then you almost knew everybody that was anybody in the game. Now its over 10M accounts its not the same as well as the game is a bit too commercial these days. Its not the same game as it once was. But its a unique game all the same still.But my appeal as a SecondLife resident as i still am is that for me it was a creative expression game. You can do all kind of stuff there, Build, Design, Script, Fashion, Art or just socialize, whatever basically. For me i was a Builder/Landscaper of things or landscaping design. I used to own my own entire sim in SecondLife back then there were less than 500 private island sims. Today there are over 10k+ private sims that are owned by the residents themselves plus the secondlife mainland.Unlike WoW which is more structured in design to lead you from one thing to another logically, SecondLife is different. SecondLife has no structure, its well secondlife as you want or wish t to be or create. Its a place where you can create, visualize or design whatever world or place you want it to be for you. You use a lot of Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Software to add even more creativity to your own unique content. So its a creative game very much different to playing WoW. Thus to some people new to SecondLife it can seem confusing if you’ve ever played games like WoW and such. They are very different games. At some point i will return to the game to create a yet unfnished creative design project.


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