Weekend at Botanica – Sha’tar Exalted!

Got Exalted with The Sha’tar and picked up the nice faction reward tanking shield for Galo. Was very happy to say the least and Galo more than earned it. Ran Botanica 8 times over 24hrs to grind out the reps fast and farming Botanica to also get my shoulder piece. Why? Botanica gave the most reps for regular Tempest Keep instances for a full clear. Me and a healer friend ran Botanica all day long swapping in and out various people for DPS and CC we made Botanica home for a full day running Instance run back to back to back. Healer friend got himself Revered and Galo became Exalted with The Sha’tar. Several people we had swapped in and out including another healer friend got themselves reps and keys and such over the course of 8 full runs.

We had plenty of fun and I say we had a good day. All the PuG’s were great. I would say the hardest DPS combination to run Botanica with other than Galo as tank was having not just one but 2 Hunters a Mage. Was hard to get down the second boss with 2 Hunters for adds as well as most the bosses somehow including the last boss also. Might have been their gear can’t all say for sure. All in all I call that a fast grind and it wasn’t too bad at all to get to Sha’ter Exalted. Placed a Shield Block enchant placed on the shield and got it socked with 2 Solid Star of Elune for +12 Stamina each blue socket.

Persistence and perseverance. On the 6th “back to back” ALL DAY LONG run through Botanica for Sha’tar Reps and farming the shoulders when Laj finally decided to drop my shoulders. Made my day so had to screenshot it!

Yes it took a lot of PERSISTENCE to get the shoulders. The fourth boss Laj got so tired of seeing me and having me beat the crap out of him that he finally gave up and decided to drop these shoulders I needed. The current green shoulders that I have has more avoidance than these but they can be interchanged for gear as needed or for spell damage. So far only managed to put the Scryer shoulder enchant on them. Can’t seem to find a JC to get some gems cut to socket them.

Dropped from second boss on the 5th run. Was a bit surprised when it dropped as forget it even dropped form the second boss. Was glad to pick it up. Will find some good enchant for it among the multitude of tanking shields I now have.

Was nice to get as a Paladin another Libram even if its for healing even though Galo don’t do much healing duties. We just don’t have much Librams at all as it is to use. It dropped 3 times off the first boss.

Edited: Gem Socketed Shield.

3 thoughts on “Weekend at Botanica – Sha’tar Exalted!

  1. Six runs?! DAMN YOU!! >.<Took Brodir 27, yes twenty seven, runs to get those shoulders… Funny thing is, it was my first Heroic Bot that they dropped. We got that run down to a best time of 46 minutes (53 normaly), full clear, AOEing the place. Pally tanking FTW!! =)Anyway, GRATS on the shield and shoulders!Brodir from Blackhand


  2. Thanks. 27 runs to drop the shoulders…man that’s a sick amount of instance runs. Lol. Sorry to hear it took you that long.I had a theory and its was just a theory that if you do the run back to back over and over farming one place, maybe the law of average would kick in and boss will drop the gear sooner or later. At 6 runs it was getting tiring beating out of Laj. But I was determined to keep it up till he dropped them…..and HE DID!


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