Gear Goals

There isn’t that much gear left that Galo really need to have for his Tanking/Spell Dmg gear sets for mix and match sets and for Heroics. My gear is good enough to do Heroics already. But will farm some regular instance for a few gear pieces that would like Galo to have as options. Also still working on getting to uncrushable status pre-Kara in tanking gear as well as in the process get Revered/Exalted for a few factions remaining. Anything else I may pick up along the way is just a gear bonus.

1. Figurine of the Colossus from The Shattered Halls which drops from Warchief Kargath Bladefist.

1. Breastplate of the Righteous from Steamvault which drops from Warlord Kalithresh.
2. Jade-Skull Breastplate from Mechanar which drops from Nethermancer Sepetherea.

1. Libram of Repentance from running Heroics for 15 Badges of Justice.



  • So… what are you gonna do once you get all those things?

  • lol Hmmm. Probably go grind out my 5000g for my Epic Mount so I’m not a broke Tank and THEN after that head to raid Kara. At least a good Tank can Fly in style and not be broke with a fast mount to farm.

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