Gearing Up Continues – Gear Upgrades!

New character stats as well as pre-Kara gear upgrades. I’ve been at 70 for about a month now and collecting all my pre-Kara gear as well as 3 successful runs short of my Kara Key. However Kara can wait!

What’s a good Blood Elf (Horde) Protect Paladin Tanking Specialist without a fine Blade. Obtained with Revered with Keepers of Time (KoT). Its a good must have for pre-Kara gear as well as having the Crystalforge Sword. I now have both and fully enchanted for +40 Spellpower.

Again from reaching Revered with KoT. This is my much needed Tanking legging upgrade. I had it fully gemmed and enchanted it with the Clefthide Leg Armor for the Stamina for HP & Agility for increase Dodge Rating as well as Armor increase. A must legging piece for any serious Protect Paladin Tanking Specialist.

My long lived green old Chest piece.

Replaced with the new Breastplate of the Bold. Its not the actual tanking chest piece that I really need but its a very nice upgrade to the old green piece for now. Has much more HP gem socketed and at least 1% more Dodge as well as Armor increase and other stats. Enchanted it for +6 to all stats which is really nice as it increase ALL stats, so more HP, Mana and Agility (Dodge & Armor). For a while I kept wondering just where I was getting 90 extra Mana from. Yeah came from the enchant for +stats also. Hoping can get my correct chest piece to drop from Warlord Kalithresh in Steamvault: Breast Plate of the Righteous. So far he refuses to open his vault to drop the chest piece run after run as well as the needed Devilshark Cape.

Needless to say constant proper gear enchanting, getting gems for gear tanking pieces so you can tank properly and make a healers life easier constantly does leave a Protection Paladin a bit on the broke side of things. Dreaming of a elusive expensive Epic Mount that cost 5k gold when your putting all your gold into your gear and repairs.


6 thoughts on “Gearing Up Continues – Gear Upgrades!

  1. I’d suggest that the < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Jade-Skull Breastplate<> from Mechanar is also a great tanking chestpiece. It’s got 50 stamina, 25 defense and 23 block rating; a total of about 4% towards uncrushable…Mechanar is a great instance for pally tanks:Jade-Skull (mentioned above)< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Helm of the Righteous<>Sha’tar rep for < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Crest of the Sha’tar<>(on heroic) 3-4 Badges of Justice, easy. The 5 from the nethermancer is tougher.


  2. Thanks, i’m well aware of that chest piece and where it drops.However unless it drops on run after run not much i can do with trying to wear it or any the pieces i really need.


  3. Hey there!I just found your blog and LOVE it. My friends got me back into WoW after a 6 month hiatus so Burning Crusade was new to me. I thought I’d try a new BE Pally and I’m loving it! This is the first character I actually enjoy grinding and would rather do that then quest. Currently I’m a 36 BE Pally on the Executus realm named Bellamy. look forward to reading through your blog, keep up the good work!


  4. @Jim.Nice for stopping by. Hope you have a great journey ahead. PERSISTENCE will get you to 58. Commitment will get you all the way to 70.You should find all my old blog entries useful as it starts somewhere around 40.


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