Broke the Defense Barrier!

Had no post yesterday, just got caught up a bit questing and running Instances over and over. Since I’ve being having such bad luck getting Instance loot drops I often go and find quests that can more easily upgrade reward Galo with gear improvements till stuff finally drop in Instance off the Boss. Much to cheer about is after weeks of trying to gear up Galo and lack of Boss drops finally break the 490 Defense barrier. That puts me at uncritable defense wise for my Paladin with this new awesome Dabiri’s Enigma Trinket. Still need work to get to uncrushable status with Holy Shield up.

In Netherstorm you can do the quest Recipe for Destruction given by one of the Consortium agents at the outpost close to Manaforge Ultris. Its not a long quest just three chains to it and a very tough Void Boss which the Consortium agents and NPC actually fights. One of the reward to pick is the Dabiri’s Enigma Trinket which is really awesome tanking trinket. Tried a few times to solo the quest with the NPC’s and just couldn’t. This is not a melee fight by any means but a Range casting fight at best. After a few tries though I strap on some healing gear in the bank and heal the NPC’s from range to see if that works. Tried a few times but my Paladin healing is just wet noodle healing before NPC died due to out of mana/mana pots with boss at 45%. Eventually got a group after a Acatraz run to help and was lot easier. This quest gives nice Blue rewards.

Did some Durnholde runs since couldn’t get a group to The Black Morass and got Honored with Cavern of Time. Still long way to Revered. Somehow Arcatraz was the place for Galo to hit up yesterday for most the day logged on. Blessing of Silvermoon (maybe) was on me and finally got some boss loot though NOT what I needed but it was plate drops. Final boss Arcatraz on 2 smooth runs dropped: Breastplate of the Bold & Doomplate Chestguard which may use for a Ret set maybe. Did about three runs thru Arcatraz. On last run Galo got Revered with The Sha’Tar and so eventually got to pick up my 2nd Heroic Key this one for all Tempest Keep Instances. Need a lot more Tempest Keep runs to get that awesome Crest of the Sha’tar shield at Exalted with The Sha’tar. Went and finally picked up the Kara key quest though haven’t started it as yet.

Takes a lot of work to get good gear and much harder when your gear just won’t drop. Will have to run Steamvault over and over till my chest piece finally get released from the vault.

Yeah Galo is still guildless and wonders into every instance with new faces and I get tons of guild invites daily. Most people hate PuG’s but you do meet some good people in PuG’s contrary to the norm that most people experience. Most my experience has been good despite a few that I’ve had and I’m sure bad experience will happen again. However I do have a very long friends list now and a few good healers on it. Not all PuG’s are bad, it just happens allot to get a bad name.


8 thoughts on “Broke the Defense Barrier!

  1. Grats, well done.Tiny Nitpick: Holy Shield doesn’t impact your defense rating, “only” your uncrushability – if a rapid calculation isn’t too far off you should be sitting around 88% now, only 15% more to go with HS up.


  2. You’re seeing RatingBuster. You might also want to have a look at TankPoints, but while complementary, these are mutually exclusive


  3. I love dabiris enigma. After I got it and figurine of the colossus, I am able to farm the plateau near black temple. Good times killing 25 demon hunter supplicants at the same time. I was able to get exalted with scryer in 3 days using this technique. I highly recommend it if you haven’t tried it already. After looking at your profile, I recommend getting breastplate of the warbringer and nexus guard pauldrons. Easy quest rewards which will help you hit the defense level that you are looking for.


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