PuG Tales – Arcatraz

Headed into Arcatraz for my first run. Somehow its taken me a while to get a group to so this Instance. Probably because Galo was too busy doing another Instance run for gear and faction reps. Anyway another tanking assignment and was good to finally see Arcatraz. Other than Galo it was a experience PuG group, so made it much easier with guides. Arcatraz seem to be a place with all kinds of demonic mobs, a lot of what you see in nothern Netherstorm somewhat.

Made real good use of exorcism spells here. You also get lots of rep points here for The Sha’tar, allot more than the Botanica or Mech. Place was fun and was just a smooth good run. Those fire demons in there hit pretty damn hard even with fire resistance aura. The last boss event was really fun to watch involving the mage gnome I think it was. Got confused a bit tanking the last boss Harbringer Skyriss especially since its so big its all you see tanking him. Fortunately he was already skull marked for the real one. When he split in duplicates I barely realized the boss had done so and took me a while to figure it out so we could kill the fake one first. Anyway I did and we down the boss, everyone was happy and I competed my quest for Adal in Shattrah City. Needless to say nothing dropped I could use. Other than a tanking ring I got in Steamvault no other gear has ever dropped anywhere from any boss I needed. I guess I know how most tanks feel on that.

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