Instance Weekend

The weekend in WoW seem much like a blur I would say. I read patch notes on Friday and can’t remember just what I did after that. Saturday my Broadband ISP was on and off on and off almost all day as we had a area wide outage in our area and it was frustrating trying to do instance runs. Twice I got caught in a Instance run when I lost my connection and that just blew it for that.

Did some more PuG runs of Steamvault nothing dropped as usual but finally did get Revered with Cenarion Expedition. For that I went ahead and picked up my new neck piece of Strenght of the Untamed which has a bit more defense & dodge rating than the one I had though -10 stamina to get me over at 485 Defense. Keeping all my armor gear though. Also picked up my Heroic Key also for Coilfang Reservoir and a Alchemy Transmute for Primal Water to Air recipe. So that’s my first of the Heroic Keys so far.

Went on some Shadow Labs PuG runs for Lower City reps and ended up doing about 4 Instance runs. So now Honored with Lower City and need a 7.5k rep points to Revered and get my Heroic Key. I think Galo needs Exaulted to get his Alchemy Recipe but quite frankly after Revered really don’t care to see Shadow Labs much.

Shadow Labs is not on the list of my favorite Instance by far. After 4 runs of Shadow labs over the weekend that place gave me a big headache. The Boss Blackheart was not fun by any means with all the mind controlling. It was amusing to watch but was damn hell to execute getting him down. We wiped 3/4 times on him every time. We wiped multiple times on Boss Vorpil and took quite a while for me to get the hang of him. I hate to admit but it took a few tries to figure out where north really was when fighting him. Seem you fight him going south to avoid the Void Walkers then on Teleport go north of his normal position and then on teleport back south of his normal position. Took a lot of wipes to get that correct I have to admit and we wiped enough times that at end of the run I had 15% Armor.

Actually we wiped more in Shadow Labs than all my other instance runs combined. The plate repair wasn’t fun (11g) and considering nothing dropped I could use either. After really figuring it out after that the first try we got him but it was real close at that. Needless to say that boss gave me a headache.

At Murmur we wiped a few times due to his Sonic Booms and Resonance. Trying to tank him and having time to move in and out and always getting slowed down when he starts to Sonic Boom was just hard to get timed properly and moving back in place fast was just not working well. Our Druid healer had to leave and we swapped out for a Priest. This time we had the Priest try and heal me through all of Murmur’s Sonic Booms without having to move. Priest timed all the heals just well enough that she was able to keep me up every time Mumur did a Sonic discharge and was able to top my health back off.

Gave everyone Greater Blessing of Wisdom and just kept up JoC & SoR/Consecration in sync rotation and went all out DPS till was almost OOM. Popped a mana pot and switched up to JoW. Needless to say my gear helped as I was avoiding a lot of the hits so that worked. We did a few back to back runs with the Priest and did same strategy and it worked. Really good healer at that the Priest. If someone knows a better exact strategy on Murmur I sure would like to know. May not have a Priest next time though I sure will look for one. After 4 runs of Shadow Labs that place just gave me a big headache and that was it for Sunday playing WoW. Don’t care much to see Shadow Labs after Revered. Had to go and take a nap after that.

Instance Gear
So far the only gear on all my instance run after run I’ve managed to get so far is just one Ring of the Silver Hand from Steamvault (7 times). All my gear though somewhat decent is either quest reward or created. Otherwise as a Tank I’m just instance unlucky. Most of all I see on every run is Cloth, Mail & Daggers. Crude joke been played by Blizzard on me I guess.

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