Generating Threat on Mob

First 5 seconds

Next 5-10 seconds

I was trying to see just how much threat I can generate in my normal tanking gear so far as its still a work in progress. So while out farming some herbs decided to try out one the 2 handed melee mobs in the Barrier Hills there by Shattrath City while farming. Noticed I was able to break over 1K threat with my 215 spell damage gear so far. Which seems pretty good to be able to hit 1K Threat Per Sec (TPS) though my gear is still improving.

My Normal Spell Rotation.
Seal of Crusader.
Avengers Shield.
Holy Shield.
Pop Spell Damage Trinket.
Judgement Crusader
Seal of Righteousness (SoR).
Consecrate. Once unless Multi-Mob or Boss
Keep up Holy Shield.
Judge SOR if need to.

My Spell Rotation on a Instance Boss.

Avengers Shield
Seal of Righteousness (SoR). Snap aggro.
Holy Shield
Judgement SoR
Seal of Wisdom
Pop Spell Damage Trinket
Avenging Wrath
Judgement SoR/Seal of Righteousness
Keep up Holy Shield when cooldown up and ready.
Keep up Consecration when cooldown up and ready.
Keep Judging SoR when cooldown up and ready.
Pop Trinket again fight long enough to do it again.

Sometimes it doesn’t always go in that order always but that’s the order idea I have in mind when I’m there in front of mob to get and maintain a aggro threat lead on mob before some DPS crit and steal aggro and I have to hit taunt and hope its not immune. It works for me. Sometime on a Boss I reverse the order because I’m always stacked with mana potions instead of judging Seal of Wisdom on Boss I judge Seal of Crusader and go all out for mana and pop a mana potion to regain a bit of mana THEN switch and Judge Seal of Wisdom. That allows me to get a good threat lead with holy damage boost from having Crusader up and them when I need to switch to Seal and Judge Seal of Wisdom to help get back mana for me and group and that way I can keeping up Holy Shield/Consecrating/Judging SoR fully as I need to. Throw in Exorcism if its a undead mob or demon. That works for me generating lots of threat.

If you need more threat boost. A Greater Arcane Elixir for +35 Spell Damage/1 hr or Superior Wizard Oil for +42 Spell Damage for/ 30 mins. I carry all those things in my bag at all times for a boost if I need to. Fortunately its not often I’ve had to use them up as yet but they all add to giving you a kick in the spell damage department for boosting threat.

2 thoughts on “Generating Threat on Mob

  1. I really like to see what everyone’s spell rotation is ‘cause everyone’s is different. I generally use SoR and SoC for grinding. As for instances I cast and judge SoW and keep in up. This allows less downtime (drinking after every fight)especially in Kara when time is crucial. Plus the boss fights last awhile and when I spam consecration, holy shield, avenger’s shield, etc I lose mana fast. Then you know what that leads too. 😀


  2. Pallies in general have a big advantage over other tanks because their aggro is based mostly on gear and not how hard the boss is hitting you (hence generating rage). You can always adjust survivability to increase or lower your aggro as needed.


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