WoW Player Burn Out….Why?

I read lots of blogs at work and on my days off, so I try to make the blog rounds when I can. Blogs are like community for me of all the various player blogs I keep up with. I know some people’s blog better than I know people in my own guild. One thing that seems like a common thing I keep reading is players reaching the point of feeling endgame burnout for lots of reasons.

Burnout from the constant never ending repetitive loops through a instance with their guilds some seem. Burnout from trying to get a much needed gear upgrade or helping others to get theirs that never seems to drop for the 1001 try. This always leave me with not a pleasant look at the endgame having limited WoW play time. Its one reason I’m in no hurry to also get there. I remember getting burned out playing Secondlife after almost 3 years myself before starting to play WoW 9 months ago.

So a reader question: Just why are you and so many like you getting burned out in Outland and the endgame?


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