Paladin Overhaul in Patch 3.0

Topic: Musing

A bit of Musing maybe, Perhaps. However have being thinking about Paladin class for a while just like everyone else about changes that would like to see to my Paladin if Blizzard would make a few changes to our class for overall improvement. Paladin are often the butt jokes of other class as a subpar class to Warriors and sometimes Druids. Point is to increase Paladin defensive melee capability as a Defender and Utility as the magical spell caster that a Paladin is for group support.

I don’t have all the answers but here are a few ideas I though of. So instead of complaining about improvements, here are some things I though of I would make to Paladin class and to the Protection Tree if I had the Blizzard Dev Magic Wand. Dunno how to fix Ret since never been Ret. Description below of “X” represents and unspecified amount of Holy Damage.


Seals & Judgments

  1. All Judgements when casted will do X amount of Holy or Seal specific damage specific to that particular Seal when Judged. All Holy Seals will do X amount of instant cast damage on Judgement. Seals such as Seal of Light (SOL) & Seal of Wisdom (SoW) when judged will cause a instant gain of X amount Heal or Mana return to the Caster on Judgement of Seal as well as continue to judge the enemy for 20 sec and return Y amount of Heals or Mana to the all party members.
  2. Seal of Justice – This seal should be replaced! If not then seal should be enhanced to chance to stun target chance for 4 sec and on melee hit. Judgement of Seal will result in instant Holy damage to target for X amount and a 6 sec stun. Justice 🙂
  3. Seal of Blood – Upgraded. All melee attack does Holy damage equal 35% of weapons damage as usual, paladin takes damage as usual. Judgement of this Seal case instant damage to target as usual and cause paladin damage as usual. However seal now causes target X amount of additional Holy damage every sec for next 8 sec.
  4. Seal of Crusader – Works as usual. Judgement of Seal on target results in X amount of Holy damage increase taken by target. Target AP, (Reverse Crusader debuff) movement and casting speed reduced by 40% for 10sec. Judgement last 20 sec as usual.

Protection Tree (Talent)

  1. Holy Shield – Holy Shield will now Increase Paladin ability to block for 70% vs current 30% with 15 charges. Duration of will now be for 15 sec vs 10sec.
  2. Redoubt – Damaging melee and ranged attacks against you have a 20% chance to increase your chance to block by 45% (10/15/30/45). Lasts 15 sec or 10 blocks. Now a 4 Point Talent
  3. Devotion Aura – Aura now gives a 10% bonus to armor and all under effect of Paladin Aura.
  4. Shield Specialization – Talent now gives a 30% bonus to defense at max rank. 5/10/20/30. 4 Point Talent vs 5.
  5. Chromatic Aura – All of Paladin previous Auras (Shadow, Fire, Frost) now replaced with one unified Aura covering all spell magic classes for 70 Resistance to all spell magic. Only 1 Aura can be use at any time per Paladin.
  6. Blessing of Sanctuary – Blessing now reduces ALL incoming damage to Paladin by 10% after armor mitigation. Damage reduced is directly converted into mana for Paladin.
  7. Consecration – Now consecrates the land beneath the Paladin, doing X Holy damage over 15 sec vs 8 sec to enemies who enter the area.
  8. Ardent Defender – At 35 % or below Ardent Defender instant casts a Reflective Shield around Paladin and reflects 50% of all damage back to target last 5 sec. Paladin is immune to all damages for 5 sec. Does not cause loss of any target aggro. 5 min cooldown. Option (B) At 35 % or Below Ardent Defender reduces all incoming damages by 50% while Summons a Mending Guardian that heals and protects the Paladin for the next 20 sec. Option (C) At 35% or Below Ardent Defender decreases Physical & Magical Damage by 75% for 10 sec by casting a Ardent Reflective Shield. Does not remove any aggro from the Paladin.
  9. Sacred Duty – Increase total stamina by 9%.

New Abilities

1. Holy Embrace – Class Offensive Spell. Instant cast Holy Spell does X Holy damage to target and all targets within 15 feet of affected target for next 5 sec. Any Holy Judgment (eg. SOR) that strikes target while under Holy Embrace will deal Judgement damage plus 60% additional Instant Holy Damage to all enemy target within 10 feet of Judgment target (Combo). 2 min cooldown.

2. Seal of Repentance – (Protection Paladin AoE Seal, Deep Tree Talent). Use of Seal when struck target will cause target Holy Damage equal to 1% of Paladin total Stamina. (Intent is Seal Holy damage scales with Paladin Stamina & level). Multi-Mob AoE tanking Seal. Judgment of Seal on target will result in instant Holy damage equal to the total of 2% of Paladin Stamina every sec for 5sec while being judged and all enemy withing 15 yards of target also receive damage equal to 50% of target damage.

3. Devine Prominence (Paladin Spell Reflect) – Holy Casted Spell. Paladin gain new offensive ability to reflect all spells for 5 sec. Any Melee attack that strikes paladin while spell reflect is active also suffers 115 Holy damage. 45 sec cooldown.

3. Paladin Debuff – New Ability – Instant cast spell reduce target ability to cast magical spells by 25/50/75 % for 15 sec. (Magical Spell Debuff) 2 min cooldown. PVE only.

Class Changes
1. Devine Shield – Paladin Shield now returns 50% of all damage to shield while paladin is immune to damage and under Holy spell Devine Shield. Everyone will cry Nerf here!

2. Retribution Aura – Aura can now debuff attacking target. Works as normal reflecting Holy damage when Paladin is struck by any damaging attacks. Aura now has a 30% chance when struck by any damaging attack to cause a Holy Retribution debuff on target causing target to take 25 extra damage from all party members as Holy damage. Cannot be resisted. Debuff last 3 mins and can be refreshed by attacking the Paladin to refresh debuff.

3. Sanctity Aura – Now Base line ability all Paladins. Increase Holy Damage done by all party members within 30 yards to 15% vs 10%.

3. Lay of Hands – Returns 100% of Paladin Health at expense of most of mana. Cooldown on use is now 15 min vs 1 Hour.

Worked and made a lot of scrap notes about this so love to hear some of you all feedback as to what you all think. Might be the new Warlocks of WoW.

3 thoughts on “Paladin Overhaul in Patch 3.0

  1. I do not understand this thinking. The changes your propose would make paladins the most overpowered tanking class. Your improved holy shield? 15 charges of 70% block for 15 seconds? Warriors get 2 charges for 5 seconds. You are proposing your shield to be 2.5X more powerful without any rational thought.Honestly, things are not so bad that you need such huge buffs. Tankadins have strengths that warriors do not and vice versa.


  2. Yeah, such a paladin would be OP your quite right. Its way more OP than a Warlock. Like i said topic is a bit of musing on some idea improvements, so its a bit of that.Paladins would never get that much ability in WoW. However its just some ideas of things i though of that would be nice to have if even just one or two of them. Honestly just having more shield block % & ability to reflect spells somehow and a offensive spell would just be nice.


  3. Agreed. Spell reflect is a huge advantage of warriors without anything comparable for tankadins against casters. The 35% to block instead of 70% for warriors is really only challenging at first. Once you reach uncrushable, I would much prefer holy shield because it can take more hits.


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