Second Time Shattered Halls

Logged on a bit early today and got another PUG invite, so gave it another go at Shattered Halls. The run was much faster and smoother than the first time though with a more experienced and better geared group than myself as the tank and just AoE everything with no problem. Only one died was one the priest 2 times and other than that was a smooth run and one shot all three bosses no problem. Everyone enjoyed the AoE tanking as no other CC required and had a blast.
Had to mana drink allot, helps to have at least 2 stacks full as I always do. A few people got exaulted on the run. Again no loot drop for Galo from the bosses, I guess they don’t like me. Four more runs through here and should be revered with Thrallmar.

3 thoughts on “Second Time Shattered Halls

  1. Looks like you’re getting in to the tankadin groove just fine! Like Honors and Salud said, the gear will come….If it makes you feel any better, I’m going on 22 Bot runs and counting, still no spaulders. >.<Brodir from Blackhand


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