Kiting a Fel Reaver for Key Quest

Other than helping out a few people from LFG on group quest they needed help with in Nagrand and Terokka Forest. Did lots of Solo questing and lots of grinding in Shadowmoon Valley and around the Black Temple area for some fun & grinding signets for Scryer Reps while trying to work down my quest log for most the solo quests. Grinding not so bad, you pick up all kind of loot to sell for gold along the way, it just takes Time. Always easier for me to work on Solo quests vs waiting around in a city.

Eventually picked up a quest there from a drop off a Blacksmith there by a forge hut next to Black Temple which sent me back to Hellfire Peninsular for the quest key for Shattered Halls. Required getting some quest items I already had in bank and downing a Fel Reaver. This is the guy I love to hate when I was in HellFire Peninsular for questing, he killed me many times.

Was late in the morning and spend a lot of time flying around looking for a Fel Reaver around Thrallmar. Fell asleep as it took awhile. Found one passing by Thrallmar tossed Avengers Shield at him and ran to the Blood Elf Mages and guards in front of Thrallmar to have them kill it, happened same time the demons mob usually show up. Was lots of chaos! So pulled him into the Thrallmar gate guards also to help. Job done. However in good fun I helped the guards kill Fel Reaver for the fun by tanking him, he shot me down once and quickly recovered for a short corpse run and back to tanking him again. He almost wiped all the guards. All took about 3 mins or so of chaotic fun. Doing Solo stunts for me always work better than doing group quests at least if I die its only my fault.

Completed the quest and now have my Shattered Halls key. I guess its the first of any key I’ve done a quest to get so far just doing normal quests. As for questing in Netherstorm haven’t done much quests there as yet, mainly just in Shadowmoon Valley mostly. So far in Netherstorm I just herb farm Netherbloom Herb there mostly to make Super Healing Potions.


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  • Congrats! I too have my Shattered Halls Key. We did the same thing, kited over to the gaurds where the demons fall from the sky. Luckily we sill pulled it off!Re: The skygaurd quets. The bombing ones open up after you complete some for Og’rila. Good luck!

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