Faction Reps Update

Faction Reputation Update:
Thrallmar – Honored – Need Exaulted for…… no reason at all. (Seems for a Heroic Key)
Scryers – Revered – 09/16/07
– Need Exaulted.
The Shat’ar – Honored – 09/16/07 – Need Exaulted stuff.
Lower City – Friendly – Need Exaulted for Alchemy.
Keepers of Time – Neutral – 09/16/07 – Exaulted: Continuum Blade & Alchemy.
Ogri’la – Neutral – 09/16/07 – Need that Shield at Revered.
Cenarion Expidition – Honored – Need Exaulted for Necklace.
The Consortium – Honored – Nothing to gain, doing it for the free Gems.
The Mag’har – Revered – Maybe a Epic Talbuk someday.
Sporeggar – Honored – Nothing else to gain here.
Sha’tari Skyguard – Neutral – Daily Quests gold fund and just for Reps or whatever.



  • Thrallmar/HH need revered for Flamewrought key to do HFP heroics. If you’re healing they have a nice head slot enchant.KoT: nice tanking legs too.. not sure what level. Key for KoT heroics.CE: Nice tanking necklace. Revered: Key to Coilfang Heroics.Lower City: Key for Auchendoun heroics.Nibucahttp://warcraft.fibergeek.com/

  • Thanks Nibuca, good to know that key requirement for Heroic Hellfire Peninsular. Will make a note of it.

  • Thrallmar has the best Paladin tanking sword available from vendors, forget abot the continuum blade, stormcaller is the shit =) Less stamina yes I know… but those 40 extra splldmg and still 1.8 speed is really really really nice! Then throw the spll dmg ench on it. Easy rep as well as shttrd halls is a paladin tanks dream!

  • I’m aware of the Stormcaller sword, will get it for my collection to use eventually.

  • Also being an alchemist, don’t you want to be revered with Sporeggar for the transmute earth to water? You can only do it once per day, but it’s profitable, at least on my server.

  • Not too worried about that one transmute as its not one i’m worry about getting. Other transmutes are way more valuable and considering you can only transmute 1 every 23hrs there other transmutes i rather be on cooldown from transmuting.

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