Calculate your Faction Reps Easily!

Found a link to this courtesy of WoWinsider in case any of you might of missed this and I’m sure you will find it valuable. If your having problems with your faction reps and want to know just what you need to do or how to get all those reps you need. Use this online calculator at WoW Reputation Calculator to figure it all out and it makes it really easy to understand. This is a really nice tool to use and bookmark. Also made a blog link to is also.



  • Word of caution. I linked this just after the WoW Insider article was up. It’s a great tool, but use it early in the month. They were down for the second 1/2 of August due to bandwidth issues. It looks like they’ve redone their site with less graphics, hopefully that will help get them through to the end of the month.

  • That is a great site!

  • About my comment… that was the <>other<> reputation calculator that Wow Insider linked to. Hopefully this one will be able to withstand all the bandwidth that I’m sure it will get. 🙂

  • Hopefully it does. So far I have found it usefull. If even to see where i can get my reps or how much i need from a item from a glance at it all helps. Just another tool to use 🙂Hope it helps someone to make their life easier.

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