Quote: Tanking

A quote in a forum thread reply over at Maintankadin by a forum member there. I read there allot. Somehow I really like these reply that was in a thread related to Paladin tanking.

“The easiest was to practice tanking is to practice tanking.

This shit isn’t rocket surgery”. By Vanifae.
“Tanking is responsibility, healing is a job, DPS is a game”. By Warrender

Yeah lots of Practice!

If you a Paladin Tank you need to stop by there and soak up all kind of good stuff about Paladin Tanking, Healing and Theorycrafting info, lots of it there.

8 thoughts on “Quote: Tanking

  1. <> The easiest was to practice tanking is to practice tanking. This shit isn’t rocket surgery. By Vanifae.<>Ah the old practice make perfect speak. I do agree, however most of the problem I have seen is not practicing it is gear. If you don’t have the gear you will have a difficult time. Also I thought is was “Rocket Science” not “Rocket Surgery” /Shrugs Who knows…———————————-<>“Tanking is responsibility, healing is a job, DPS is a game”. By Warrender<>I disagree. EVERY class has a responsibility


  2. Yeah should be Rocket Science. But I’m just quoting it as is.Everyone has a responsibility and role, the tank has a heavy responsibility. As far as “DPS is a Game” that being some DPSers make a point to see who can out DPS everyone else or do the most damage on the charts while tank is tanking the mob.


  3. I think saying “rocket surgery” may have been a mockery of words (mixing rocket science and brain surgery) to allude to how absurdly complicated people make some things (such as tanking) out to be.I would agree that everyone has a responsibility…the dps can’t go pulling aggro, the healers can’t let people die. Tanking is more of a job than healing though, in my opinion 🙂


  4. I think the “DPS is a game” comment is meant to imply that DPS is fun whereas tanking and healing aren’t. I’d tend to disagree. For optimal dps you usually have a set damage cycle, and hence key press cycle, so apart from reacting to other events (e.g. re-sheeping, reacting to patrols), dps can be dull. On the other hand, you do get the sense of achievement when the mobs die, whereas with healing / tanking there’s a negative feeling when group members die but most non-boss fights just feel routine.I’m pretty sure Zerei is right – the “rocket surgery” is deliberate.


  5. I was simply left with the mental image of a bunch of surgeons in an OR surrounding a partially covered nuke trying to disable the bomb with a scalpel. Was that just me? (I think so.)I lurk the hell out of maintankadin. Its always nice to hear what people are saying.


  6. The Term “Rocket surgery” is via google is clever wordplay on the well-worn phrases “rocket science” and “brain surgery” been performed. To a Rocket Scientist. Here are your toolset and this is your missile rocket, not go to work figuring out what’s wrong with this rocket or reverse engineer it if you can.Someone had asked the question on the maintankadin forun as to how do they tank and how to do everything what to do. Its how the phrase was then used.As relating it to a Paladin Tanking with all its mechanics. Well it means its not as hard as “Rocket Surgery”.


  7. Rocket Surgery is usually an “intentional” spoonerism of Rocket Science and Brain Surgery.I often use it, and grown loudly when people try and correct me. Usually resulting in me tutting, raising my eyebrows, turning my back on them and talking to someone else.🙂


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