Gearing Up Continues – Cross Faction Trading

Sometimes you just can’t find what you want or looking for (Bracers of the Green Fortress) from your own Faction Trading and you just may not have any choice and have to resort to creating a new character on the other faction side of server to see if you can find on AH or find someone that create what you may need. If your so lucky to find what you need, then getting the item re-listed by the seller on one of the 2 Neutral Faction Auction House. That allows you after re-listing of the item to immediately purchase the item back on the other faction by your main character. Trading With The Enemy I Guess.
Well wasn’t thinking of finding this Crystalforged Sword which is on my eminent list of items to obtain for my Paladin and it has never been seen on Horde faction side of server since I’ve been there. This is a prime Paladin Sword and a great one for me gearing up. A damn good find. Note: Helps to have some gold balance on hand at all times, you never know what your going to find and when and may need to buy it, like right NOW. Anyway my new level 2 toon hopped to Stormwind first time ever and found this on the Alliance AH and fortunately the seller was on line. /w him and asked him if he can nicely re-list it on the Neutral Auction House, he quickly did so at same price + the added charge to use the Neutral Auction House and I obtained it for Galo at 195 gold within 30 mins. I call that an Investment in Galo!

After more than a entire week of looking on AH, asking in Trade if any Blacksmith can make haven’t been able to find any Blacksmith on Horde side of server that can make Bracers of the Green Fortress. Frustrating it has been. Also since Primal Nether a item needed to craft these are BoP and I’m not a Blacksmith you just have no choice but to almost buy the crafted item minus maybe the Primal Life needed and the Hardened Adamantite. Well no luck on Horde side as no one can craft these it seems. So on Alliance side found 2 Blacksmith that can craft these but none had the mats on hand or would take a week maybe. So checking AH say these these sitting on AH for 599 gold. So sent a email to the crafter and seller that I needed to buy these and if he or she can re-list them on the Neutral Auction House and if they did to let me know so I can promptly buy them. Well they are now mine for 599 gold ( 2nd Epic piece) as part of my tanking gear piece set to be uncrushable at 490 defense.

So after adding a little balance of gold from doing several quests in Nagrand and Tanking in the Blood Ring to beat all the Bosses in the Ring over the weekend. Selling tons of Alchemy Potions quite a bit actually. Gold was up about 900 gold, which was GREAT In building back up my gold reserve. I’m now again just about BROKE with about 55 gold or so. This seems to be common running theme.

For now I can’t afford to enchant the CrystalForge Sword as yet, need to go questing. Need 6 more Prismatic Shards which average about 14-25g at any given moment. Enchants aren’t cheap. Need lot more defense still and think will enchant bracers with Enchant: Major Defense to enchant the Bracers. So will be off to quest again to repeat this constant cycle or making gold and going broke over and over again. I wonder …… I’ll never earn that super fast Epic Flying Mount this way at 5000 gold needed. WotLK might be here before I get the mount with gear cost, enchants, instances. Still need to think about this.

Paladins as Hybrids really do have to juggle all kinds of stats depending on role one decides to play or focus on. Few days ago at one point in my armor gear i remember having almost 7000 mana pool and with just the gear equipped almost 190 Spell Damage from gear and if i popped the trinket another 12o Spell Damage for 15 sec. Great to burn down a mob. However as I add more defense to Galo, I’m constantly giving up as a trade off Intelligence stats (Also affects Spell Crits) mana & mp5. So less of a mana pool for tanking set. Our gear determine our role and often you give up many thing you do need just to get certain important stats. However more stamina is good though.

*It can be a good thing if your a crafter that can craft Epics, High level Blues or Rare items of TBC to list your self in your realm list of High Level Crafters on your Realm Forum. Every realm had a forum thread for High Level Crafters so you can search to find know who can craft such a item as long as its updated.



  • Wow, I can’t see myself paying 600g for a pair of bracer. But if you have the gold and you must have them go for it. Just keep in mind, there were other avenues in which you could have gotten a similar pair of bracers that adds similar stats (Akira Bracers (sp?) Blue item)As a tankadin don’t worry too much about your Int and spell damage. Just keep your mana pool around 4.5K to 5K and spell damage around 250-300 . you’ll be fine FYI 490 Defense = uncrittable. 102.4% avoidances = uncrushable.

  • I wouldn’t normally pay 600g for anything usually let alone 200g. However all 3 items I needed that were crafted items I now have. All the other items I will need in time is either Faction reps or Instance drops. Which is fine.For stuff i really consider a investment in gear, I’ll think about it and don’t mind spending the gold to get it. Oh thanks for reminding me “Uncritable vs Uncrushable”

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