Re-Gearing Up at 70

Well not sure how to explain been at the level cap quite frankly. Been on a younger server, doing Group Quests are looking hard to do in Outland at 70. No one is around and if they are you can’t get anyone to help you do 3 & 5 people group quest. No one from my guild at 70 is really ever on only a few at 70 so no help there either if that was possible. Looking for group request for quest go unanswered for quite a long time its frustrating. So I’m not even close to being able to daily quests earn that daily gold. Hell I can’t even seem to get a group to start the Ogril’la quest chain in Blades Edge Mountain that require groups to do. Seem like I can get a nice shield from that quest chain also but for now its going nowhere. On the bright side have 2 good pieces of Pre-Kara Tanking gear. For the most part I just do some quests I need to do to clear my log and earn gold that way.

Took me days to get this done or let alone find a Blacksmith on server that can make Felsteel gear on my server. Personally I don’t know if and when I will ever get to Kara and its not on top priority on my list either, but I’m using Kaziel’s Pre-Kara Tanking Gear list as a very good reference as its a really good list of gear to aim for. Plus he spent all that time making the list so why not use it as reference anyway. A few other gear list I’m using as gear reference choice to get up till then some being quest or faction reward items to get. However eventually found on AH the Felsteel Helm for 40g. This morning after asking in trade forever found a Blacksmith (BS) that can make me the Felsteel Gloves so I now have 2 pieces of gear from the list and my 1 Epic Trinket in the Darkmoon Card Vengeance. So 3 items so far gearing up wise. Added that BS as a friend for when I need to get other stuff made (Shield Spikes), hell hard enough to find one. Last time took a week to find one that made Thorium Shield Spikes.

Gearing up Cost
The other day I had a level 70 asking me for gold in Org? Wonder why when you can obtain it more easily in Outland. However its not the first time its happened. Gearing Up does seem to have a astronomical cost! And at 70 I’m finding out if you want it you sometime have to pay and pay heavily or do faction reps or instances to get it or even to just get a little bit better stats. Slowly I’m replacing my gear though.

This morning finding the high level Blacksmith was a relief and allowed me to get the Felsteel Gloves. The guy would make me the gloves for free if I had mats, cool. I was right there in AH, was already studying over the price of Felsteel (coughs) and 6 Felsteel bar cost me 110g. That bit my ass to spend gold like that. Alchemy is not this great a money maker I can tell you these days. I needed the glove so I paid up on AH! Paid the Blacksmith 5g for his skill to make them even though he said would do it for free. Personally even if someone of high skill decides to do something for free I always pay them a fee for service rendered. You win friends that way for future reference.

Well having 2 good piece of gear the Felsteel Gloves and the Felsteel Helm for upping my Defense Rating and will need to gem socket these baby for more stamina. So back to AH to find some Solid Star of Elune and Glowing Nightseye. Nope, can’t find. Did a Wowhead search and found can get a Jewelcrafter (JC) to from the raw gem. So saw some Star of Elune up 32-36g. Gee I’m about to go BROKE! I’m never going to get that damn epic mount at this rate. So bought all 5 gems at a cost of 168g. Next saw 2 Nightseye gem on AH only ones listed average price by auctioneer running at 40g average. Bought both at 72g. All this gold spending is quickly getting hard to swallow and I’m going broke quick I can tell just to gear up as a Tankadin and improve my armor. Back to trade to find a JC. Found one and go all 7 gems cut into Solid Star of Elune and Glowing Nightseye to socket both Felsteel armor piece. Paid the JC 10g for his time and service. I believe in paying people well for their hard to find service.

All in all spend about 410g on 2 Felsteel Armor pieces & all the Jem socketing piece for upping my stamina and defense to work way up to uncrushable at 490 Defense. A trade off there as a Paladin, had to give up loads of Intelligence and Spell Damage to get more Defense in stats (From 393 to 418 Defense), but need the defense though. Seems JC rake in some money but I’m not quiting alchemy to find green pastures in another profession. I fought hard to up Alchemy and get all the rare recipe and Flasks I have. But I’m quickly realize Gearing Up is a new game and in this game its not taking me long to realize that its EXPENSIVE and you will often be BROKE! I’m now back down to 200g flat!

If I’m going to be this broke just to gear up and get to Kara, then the next expansion be here before I get Epic Flying Mount, both of them. That I can see ahead. Now I realize why people have to go grinding to grind the dirt out in Outland for gold. Plus being a Tanking class is already Mucho Expensive to just being on that wears plate and taking loads of hits let alone instance wiping wearing plate and having high repair cost. Looking ahead I see broke days ahead on this path Gearing Up. Hell I haven’t started to get mats to enchant my gear yet and you know how expensive enchanting mats are. Also seem I’m going to have to get good with the Keepers of Time for the defense enchants I need also for my gear. Tough Choices.

7 thoughts on “Re-Gearing Up at 70

  1. Start looking now for a Blacksmith who can make Bracers of the Green Fortress. It’ll take a while to find one. And start stocking up on Primal Life. It takes 20 to make them.Now, I’m a Jewelcrafter. All the good receipies are drops and cost 200-700g on the AH. And you never make the that money back becaue there are too many people taking up the profession.It makes okay money but the market is collapsing on my server. I used to be able to charge 60g for Solid Stars (my mats, 10g your mats). Now I’m lucky to get 50g my mats, and 5g your mats.Where I spend my money is on Alchemy. 15g for 5 healing pots. 18g for 5 mana pots. 25g for 5 Ironshields. 20g for 5 Elixir of Magor Fortitude and 15g for 5 Adepts Elxiirs.Nearly 100g every night I go into Karazhan. Stick with Alchemy.


  2. So far I’m looking to get the gear that’s easily more attainable so yeah the three gear piece the Blacksmith can make I’m working on. Was looking at the “Bracers of the Green Fortress” already as next thing working on. Will need some luck on my server.Yeah sometimes it can seen like grass is greener in another profession. I just haven’t sold any high level Alchemy pots to make money much and lately. But if you saw my bank its stacked full of Potions i just been brewing for sale at some point to make room in my bank. Hahaha.


  3. 100g a Night in Karazhan. I remember Kaziel on his blog posted something close to that also. Another point that just the end game is expensive fun. Someone needs to do a blog post on that or something close.


  4. I’ve been too busy to play or blog lately but it’s always a pleasure to stop by and take in your thoughts. I too have been struggling with trying to gear up as a Prot pally…I have no problem getting groups. The only setback for me is having enough time to do it over and over to get the drop I want/rep I need.Good read.


  5. @Salud, thanks for the link to the guide. Looked at it and will be helpfull if not also as a cross reference on other gear that can also work. I’m using more than one reference guides so it all helps as well as the calculations on defense also :). Thanks


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