Playing WoW Blogs

As a WoW player and a person that blogs on life as a Paladin I play much of WoW not even logged in. What I mean is that the amount of time I spend reading other good WoW blogs surpass the amount of time spent actually playing WoW logged in. Imagine that. Its often class research, perspective or keeping up on what’s going on withing the classes or in game. I think if you blog enough you really need to spend time reading other WoW blogs. You can’t know everything all the time. And maybe that’s just me that reads that much, but be nice to know how that is with all the other WoW bloggers out there?

Lately there are WoW blogs everywhere, like lots of them. I have many other blog links other than the one I read on my Blog listed in my Safari and Firefox browser that I read occasionally when I ran out of stuff to read (Or at work) or when some good blogs started go dead for whatever reason. Always unfortunate to see that when it happens but I guess such is the nature of things. Most the blogs I tend to read are Paladin & Warrior blogs or those that tank so often read those for different angles of perspective when I can. Overtime seem most good WoW blogs have “Six Degree of Separation“. We’re all separated by knowing one other blog in common, at least for the ones that reads blogs other than their own.

Added these new blogs to Blog List. Being reading these a while both Holy Paladin Blog:

Blood Paladin

Bubble Hearth

2 thoughts on “Playing WoW Blogs

  1. I have two lists of blogs I follow.First is my “I read this everyday” list that’s in my blogroll on my blog. I click on every one of those links everyday. I do it this way specifically so they see traffic coming to them from me 🙂The second list (which is also the last link in the blogroll) is maintained in BlogLines. Bloglines is an online RSS reader. When I visit Bloglines it shows me in bold any sites that have updated entries since the last time I viewed BlogLines.The blogs here are those that update more than once a day (BigRedKitty, WowInsider) and blogs that haven’t updated in a while but I still want to watch them because they’re interesting.About once a month I shuffle the two lists. Blogs haven’t made an entry in about a month go into BlogLines.. and revitalized blogs move from Bloglines to my blogroll.I think it works for me.Nibuca


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