Training & Respec

After getting to 70 and all the playing to get there I was so tired I slept for almost all day thursday; Luckly I’ve been off all week from work on my Shift rotation schedule. So back to work this weekend . Logged in visited the trainer today and while doing that decided to do a respec for now to 0/44/17. Removed Guardian Favor in Protection I never seem to use it much these days. Dropped Seal of Command in Ret as just prefer to use Seal of Crusader with the 2H and better consistent damage to me, plus I’m not stacking crit gear for that anyway.

Did put 1 more point in Vindication to be 3/3 and dropped 1 new point in Eye for an Eye. I hear Vindication don’t work on bosses but thats ok, I’m still working on PVE stuff so it will work there as I do see it up often in melee on mob. Picked up allot of new rank spells and seem to be a big increase in damage in all the final spell ranks I’ve noticed. The respec cost me 15g and with getting the new talents spent 97g at the trainer Ouch!

Turned in my Firewing Signets with Scryer’s up to Honored had just enough and then turn in all my Sunfury Signets for the rest of the reps. Turned in Crystal Fragment for Consortium reps in Nagrand though I have nothing to gain with the consortium ever. However will still do some of the reps and all the quests for Fun. Kinda work out since need to get Motes from the Void Walkers there anyway to make Primal Shadows for alchemy so it works out at same time. A free bag of gem is better than no bag of gems. Plus those gems do come in handy in Alchemy Transmutations.

Faction Reps

While doing the run to 70 in Shadowmoon Valley. I picked up 2 Blue Alchemy drops, first time ever was so lucky to get a alchemy drop and both I didn’t have and can actually use. Killed one the Deathforge Guardian’s just outside Horde camp there in Shadowmoon by the fort for Fel Regeneration Potion. The other was a Fel Mana Potion dropped from one the Eclipsion Broodwarders storming the Evil BloodElf camp. Both were bind on pickup and though when I got the second drop it was the same drop as the first as both being Fel potions. Was a bit surprised. Both adds nicely to my Rare Potions List.

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