Thanks for Stopping By & Reading Here

Thanks to you all you commenter’s that stop here to read for enjoyment, fun, research or bored at work because you enjoy Ardent Defender (AD). You’ve made getting to 70 easier and Fun.

Blogging is not easy. Its neither easy to do daily, nor is it easy to do often. It takes up allot of WoW time among other things. At most it is a bit consuming to do. Often you have to remember lots of things that happen hours ago. However no one really knows it all in WoW, some people may I’m sure. But you readers that stop here adds to that and enhance it or adds your bit of knowledge to events that happen or things one ask questions about. Those things make me better at WoW and somehow also better at blogging here. Often I learn much from all of you that comment here. For some of you I back track and find your blog and I too become a secret reader and comment when I can. I read every single blog thats listed on my site because they are good or interesting. I learn stuff there too.

Just want to say Thanks To All Of You that stop here for whatever reason you do and add your good comments here. I’ve become much better at WoW because of your comments here and other readers that stops here to read learn just as much from your positive comments.

3 thoughts on “Thanks for Stopping By & Reading Here

  1. Hey, thanks for blogging. I’ve found a lot of ood stuff here and on the blogs you link to.not saying much really, just letting you know you’re appreciated ^^.


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