Some New Blue Weapon Gear

Picked up some new gear along the way on AH while just browsing. Sometime you get lucky so it seems I did in the things I invest in most. Things I invest in: A good 1H and Shield & Rare Alchemy Recipes. Seems I’ve picked up several Blue gear at least most my green gear still sucks at least in the Stamina department.

Picked up Shield of the Wayward Footman for 50g and Crystalblade of the Draenei for 70g. Both was way much better than what I had before and will last me all the way to 70 at least. I hate to blow money (gold) on anything else that are a waste usually. Saving up for my Flying Mount as I get to 70 my next Investment. At least better than investing in Weapon Enchants. I call those the leveling a gold sink until 70.

Well Bed time. Zzzz



  • hi, thanks for a great blog! My Protection Paladin is level 55, I bought the same shield on AH. 8 gold…. wow

  • nice purchase. I used the same sword until I found the crystalforge sword in AH for 100g.

  • @anonymous. Thats a deal if your acquired that shield at 8g, nice!Thanks Salud for linking that sword. That looks great. Thats a Tankadin Sword to me. Defense stats and 121 Spell DMG that Rocks hands down. I will put finding that sword on my to do list to find or acquire by some means. Thanks a bunch

  • Heh, wouldn’t go as far as describing myself as a “master”. 🙂Anyway, grats on the toys, the Shield in particular is very nice. Personally I preferred the < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Crystaline Kopesh<> at that level, but there’s not a lot in the choice between them. The Crystalblade’s probably better, but the Kopesh has the advantage of being a quest reward.

  • My only problem with the Crystaline Kopesh is that it looks like a giant glowy Q-tip. Srsly.. you could light small cities with it.But.. ahem.. yeah.. it hit things good 😉

  • The shield is the only one in BC that has block RATING on it, so hang onto it. It’ll do you well until you either get Crest of the Sha’tar (exalted Sha’tar rep) or the like.

  • So far i really like the new shield. I just haven’t been able to get it shield spiked as yet. That young server effect. Might have luck getting one on the weekend. Yeah I’m hoping the shield last a while after investing a bit to get it. The 1H also. Feels even better to know its that good a shield at my level. Thanks!

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