Yaah, My Very First Wearable Epic: Epic Trinket!

Started 6 weeks ago and after that time I finally acquired my Very First Wearable Epic piece the Darkmoon Card: Vengeance. Located the Darkmoon Faerie just outside of Shattrath City and got my Trinket. Yeah I’m still 65 and I have to wait for 5 long levels to finally wear it after 6 weeks of trying to acquire it. I’m still not really playing WoW much right now, just logging in 30 min here and there. I first read about the Trinket over on Kaziel’s Blog when he acquired his that’s how I learned about it. Good to read other people’s blog, you can learn stuff. Now I got mines and didn’t do a single instance run for it, however I worked every bit to acquire it just as hard. Yeap I bought every single card one card at a time at a what I think was a good deal based on trended average price. And it was.

Cost me between 500-525g all in total due to my conservative spending habits buying the Furies Card on AH. I even traded a a few Furies card along the way buying and reselling cards on AH for profit. There is all kind of ways to make money in WoW. I made back over half the cost of what I spent to acquire the Darkmoon Card Furies set reselling them on AH when I say a fantastic deal to bid on. In such cases its good to be sitting on gold to make a worthwhile investment. Money well spent!

Kaziel’s Blog on Darkmoon Card: Vengeance.
More analysis on Darkmoon Card: Vengeance over at Zen Tanking.

Acquiring the Furies Cards.
First time I ever saw one of these cards I missed acquiring on AH the Ace at 75g at a deal. Acquired the Ace first at 16og to start the deck a good deal to me and in time I found. Often its double that and its not all that rare either. The 2, 3, 4 Furies Card seem quite common in AH over time. I acquired them all for between 25-50g. Cards 5 & 6 was very hard to find and seem rare to spot in AH and based on my Auctioneer Scan just checking for whatever reason. Got the 5 for about 55g the hardest to find of all the cards on AH. Acquired the very rare 6 for 10g sell/buyout can you believe it! Immediately bought it on sight before I even finished thinking about it.

Card 7 cost me about 75g and though not rare to spot, seems as common as Card 8 which cost me about 90g the 2nd card I acquired. Took a lot of looking on AH often to spot all the cards. A worthwhile investment in Galo. Sometimes it just good to just be sitting on a bit of gold. Well I will get to wear it in 5 more levels, for now it sitting in the bank. In the end I never bought the cards just seeing them listed in AH. Thought about the prices of the cards in AH and said “No” to buying cards I saw listed many times at a high price in hope of a better price deal. Afterall I’m not in a hurry, can’t wear it till 70 anyway. You may already be decked out in your Epics, for me its my very first wearable one and a worthwhile Trinket for a Protection Paladin and pre Kara.

6 thoughts on “Yaah, My Very First Wearable Epic: Epic Trinket!

  1. A huge congratulations on a great item! And not only is it your first Epic, it’s one of the best ones you can get. Other slots like normal armor, even once you start getting D2 or pieces of “warrior” plate are good but the upgrades, even when you move up to Karazhan are mediocre. Darkmoon Card: Vengeance is, bar none, the best stamina trinket available. There will be no further upgrades for you. You’re completely done with one slot.Congratulations!


  2. Congrats! My first epic piece, other than mounts and Lv60 PvP gear, was a rep reward from Ogri’la of a crossbow – not as good as the bow in Kara, but still better than the Lv60 Warlord PvP bow I was still using. Good luck on your way to 70!


  3. Grats Galo!My first epic piece was Lawbringer pants lol. I still have them rotting in my bank along with a zillion other sentimental items that I’m too cheesy to delete.Start saving up that cash, though. The mount grind at 70 is grueling to say the least (although being prot makes it much easier hehe).


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