Ding lvl 65 in Terokkar Forest

Didn’t get to do the fishing part logged in a bit late. So did some quick run around to complete some Terokkar Forest quest at “Stonebreaker Hold” only have a few quests left here. Did most of my questing for the night all on my 2H Axe to level up weapon skills which helps allot in not missing on a swings. Works great now can kill a Warp Stalker in about 10sec with JOC & SOR, helps to have good spell damage which is around 215, pop the trinket and its up to 300. Well still got a few more weapons to level up. So Dinged 65 on a Warp Stalker.

While in “Stonebreaker Hold” I rechecked one of the food vendor and happen to find the recipe for Spicy Crawdad & Golden Fish Sticks. The other vendor in the inn I also found had the Blackened Basilisk & Warp Burger recipe. All these recipe are for 325+ cooking skills. Spicy Crawdad gives the final 350 cooking skill recipe. All recipes give very nice food buffs. Somehow I had missed these before last few times I was here checking vendor. Anyway 4 new recipes and I’m good for cooking. Grinding on the Warp Stalkers for quest and meat pushed my cooking skills up to 359. Should be easy to get it to 375 soon fishing for the “Furious Crawdad” lobster now, which require some actual fishing.

Update: Did some research and found that fishing “Furious Crawdad” requires fishing at the high altitude lakes in Terokkar Forest and requires having a Flying Mount to get to the those lakes. So will have to wait till get Flying Mount at 70 as its only way to get to fish those lakes.



  • 10 seconds? How hard are you hitting them?? My mage kills them in like 10 seconds at 70 and i have 700 +dmg…If its really 10 seconds, paladin leveling must not be too shabby…

  • Ardent Defender

    Reckoning when it procs. Though not always all the time every time.10 sec is my very close to my personal best. But its not over 20 sec much at all since my seal in this instant with mob never usually runs out and have lots of time to spare. I saw it once had 22 sec left on SOR. I wouldn’t think that’s always usual on every fight and never is. I don’t crit that often. But JOR, SOR, Consecrating with my 2H always and poping the trinket did it with Reckoning did up. Sometimes its did not, too much blocking sometimes.

  • Reckoning = love.Grats on the level bro. BTW, I see there is at least one other person out there in Azeroth who will stop and take screenshots of ‘virtual’ scenery as if it were real. My hard drive is bloated with pictures from all over Azeroth that I took just because I wanted to capture a particular view or moment in the game.

  • Make sure you pick up the [Cooking: Vilemoth Tartar Sauce] too.

  • Ardent Defender

    Where would i pick that up at?

  • x_X Sorry Galo, I was making a joke, it wasn’t good anyway.Hope you didn’t waste time searching on a database for “Tartar Sauce”.

  • Ardent Defender

    lolI figured it must have been when i realized after looking and searching for it, it was no where to be found 😦

  • Michael Johnson

    That’d be a great feature for the next expansion-pack: condiments. Soon the trade-channel will be filled with: “WTB [Grey Poupon]x1 PST”

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