Screenshots – Exploring the West… “Nagrand”

Questing & exploring south western Zangarmarsh I saw a path in the distance and decided to explore where it would lead me to. Exploring is fun. So I found Nagrand. Seem like a really nice and most beautiful country side zone with floating islands, nice lakes and an amazing sky. Nice rolling hills and animals everywhere as well as elementals. Somehow reminded me of Hillsbrad Foothills in Azeroth, but it looks so much better here. It so quiet here also, barely any sound, could hear the crickets chirping. I’m not entirely certain what’s in this zone, but from the looks of it my senses tells me this is a nice zone to quest in at my level. Mobs are lvl 64+ here.

So went exploring the country side, just avoiding all the mobs but looking around the zone. I eventually found “Garadar” a Horde camp to mid north east of the zone. Explored the camp and found a Flight Path, which always helps. Explored all the vendors for their goody listing and found a Cooking Supplier that had some goody recipe that I had been searching for. He had 4 recipe I needed so bought all 4. My Cooking skills have been around 330 or so forever, which is my only skill not at 375. Now if I could only stumble upon that “Spicy Crawdad” recipe that would be great wherever its at.

There are plenty of quests in “Garadar” to do already, decided to not take any quest at this time though, will come back later. My Quest log is already loaded. So went roaming around the country side some more and started killing animals I saw that would drop meat ingredients meat for my new recipe. Was Fun! Nothing like just finding places and exploring for fun. Makes me wonder just why people get bored in Outland. I have fun just exploring.

This reminds me seeing all these lakes in Nagrand that Galo needs to go fishing to see what he can pull up in them lakes here. I wonder where that Mr Pinchy guy is? Be a nice surprise to just fish him up somewhere. So since its Friday…… tonight it will be Laid Back Friday Night Fishing wherever I can find water in Outland. See, been in Outland aren’t all about Endgame and raiding that time will come though. I want to know just what Blizzard got hidden in all that water in Outland. Quests can wait, lvl 70 can wait too. Its ok, I will get there soon enough.

Side Note: Had the idea of putting my Armory Sig Image in the title bar. Though it would look nice. I tried and somehow it did not look that great as i had hoped with the feel of the blog and color theme. So removed it. OH Well I still have it though.

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