Exploring Zangarmarsh & More

I’m still enjoying Outland. Galo seem to be inching closer to lvl 70 everyday and while Galo will soon hit the level cap, he’s not in a hurry to get there either. Galo just like to explore while questing and leveling and thats what he likes to do most. So have been doing some of the quests in Zangarmarsh at various places away from doing some the ones in the Terokkar Forest just for variety in questing.

Zangarmarsh I found interesting and likable. Some people find it not to their liking. However Galo hasn’t done that many quest here, but so far I like the zone still. Maybe because Galo is also a Herbalist that’s why and the zone appeals to me more. I saw some caves also that needs exploring. Often when Galo is questing he zig zagging the zone all the way often on foot, just easier to me always picking herbs. Any herb that’s on the radar I head to pick the herb for my inventory stash. So I have picked up lots of Dreaming Glory, Blindweed, Felweed, Ragveil, Dreamfoil all in Zangarmarsh to and from quests from the various camps.

Sent all the herb valuables to my Alt for keeping. Did also picked up lots of “Unidentified Plant Parts” from killing the Fungal Giants the various kinds and skinning them with Herbalism for even more herbs of random kind (Reminds me of Morrowgrain Quest), Motes and such around the zone. So will make back my money from AH on these. Adamantite ore you can find in nodes but i’m no miner, i just notice it around.

I found the Addon Mobhealth helps if only to remember which mob drops what if you ever mouse over it in inventory or mouse over the mob if you fought mob before it tells you what it dropped before. Picked up a quest from one a sporeling creature next to “Spawning Glen” to gather items in the area (Faction Reps here) and from the Fungal Giants and gathered enough to get Friendly though not quite Honored as yet. But I find skinning the Fungal Giants quite valuable for herbs and motes. Which lead me to the conclusion that gold is everywhere in Outland. Its on the ground, its on the mobs in loot and even trash loot is quite valuable in gold to vendor. If you look you even notice what the valuables are.

While in zone Galo was off using his other weapons and sometime 2H weapon to level up his other weapon skills. Since in Outland have been mostly using the usual 1H and Shield. I loose more of health on 2H, yet its mainly due to lower than normal weapon skill so lots of misses also. I never even realized how great my new Polearm looked since I had yet to equipt it and haven’t used one in so long but just had it for versality use. I even found that at Sporaggar for faction reputation if you get Honored or Exhaulted you get a nice Blue Polearm just checking the vendor guy there. So will be working to even out my weapon skills.

I found if your questing in Zangarmarsh that every 5 min or so it helps to kill a “Young Spore Bat” which also gives you on kill in range a nice buff of +30 to all stat attributes for 5 min…….great. Kinda like getting a Paladin buff. I happened to notice this when I kept getting a strange buff whenever I did. After noticing the buff, which was nice, every 5 min when one was close I buffed up on a kill of one of these Bats. These things are all over the zone it seems. This would make a nice Paladin buff if it ever could, won’t hold my breath waiting though.

In fights I’m using SOC & SOR mostly with Rank 2 consecration and Rank 1 Holy Shield (Easier on Mana in winnable fights). If I have to I can use full rank spells. Especially since the 2 trinkets I have gives me more spell damage with both or on judged seals and often I only judge the mobs once. It took me forever to figure out I had to pop the trinket to get it to work….duh! But when I did, was like almost 300 spell damage…..yikes! I could see the difference there big time on increase spell damage on all the spells. Spell damage is much understood now. Other times its often SOW & SOR with BoSantuary and switch to wisdom if I’m at half mana on bar and that always work well and seem to be my usual.

Galo don’t seem to loose health as fast while keeping up JOW up unless its fighting those “Nether Ray” things which sucks your mana from you, something to watch out for with these mobs. BE “Arcane Torrent” helps allot to silence the mob along with a stun if its up. This got me thinking these things must make nice hunter pets to fight casters, draining their mana.

Picked up another card for the Darkmoon Card collection. Picked up Eight of Furies for 50g, haven’t seen that card before compared to the others so snapped it up. I often see 2, 3, 4 so I’ll wait with those a bit before I buy. My Alt Banker hit 1000g in gold saving even while I buy things here and there. Latest buying have been the Darkmoon Cards. I can’t say otherwise I spend money on much. Hell if i liquidate my entire Herb Bank I can get over 500g alone I think. If I do buy things its really things Galo needs, Rare Herbs, Low priced Herbs, Rare Alch Recipe, Special Weapon or Armor for Galo or a Libram if I can ever find any on AH.

Money making is easy I learned it by my own boot straps along the way, I’ve had 64 levels to learn how to make money effectively and daily. I find Green drops still sell good, never had to vendor much I have seen, spirit geared stuff I sell at lower price but still avg 10-16g on most items. Its amazing as a Alch Paladin I haven’t made any high level pots in a long time due to the time it takes spending time in AH for hours seeing whats needed in demand. However the bank of herbs I have is unbelievable! I make most of my Alch money believe it, NOT selling Transmutes or Primal Might but low or mid level pots, imagine that. Sometimes its a quest item pot. Can make 20-30g daily selling pots to lower level people or twinks I think they are and its often pots that sell for 50-1.5g, NOT pots I can usually sell for 2-5g for high end pots.

There is always a market if you look for one I think. Overall I only make 2 usual Alchemy pots on a daily basis for side income, that sells well and mid level pots where its for armor and the other is for underwater both sells extremely well. This also require me on log in to scan AH and often buy out the entire stock of certain items I need at bottom pricing for stocking. Remember the harder stuff is to find the better for AH pricing on your goods.

Picked up the other few quests from Sporeggar to work on for getting Exalted. After I went roaming and exploring and found the path to Nagrand.

2 thoughts on “Exploring Zangarmarsh & More

  1. Nagrand is probably my favorite zone in the outlands. It reminds me of Arathis Highlans…and it’s very beautiful =]


  2. Thanks for the comment. I got that feeling too. I already like it, will have to trek here soon to see whats really here to find.


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