Darkmoon Card

Started to acquire cards for the “Darkmoon Card” Set to eventually obtain the Vengeance trinket. Was in AH and saw the “Ace of Furies” which seem to be a rare one to get in the whole set. Have seen it before up to 400g. I remember passing on some of these cards before some time ago. So picked up this one for 160g to start off collecting for my set. Not a bad price I guess, but if I ever see it cheaper……I may decide to buy and trade it for some profit. Having lots of disposable gold on hand helps I guess.

Right now I’m running around Zangarmarsh a bit to see what the quests are like, so far just a few quests and i don’t find it that bad as yet. Most the mobs lower level than Galo anyway. So with my standby weapons, have been switching weapons a bit to level up weapons skill while questing mobs to level up my weapons skills. I hate to see my weapons skill lag.

Alchemy Tip of the Day: Gift of Arthas
Not sure how many people really understand this one pot or ever have used leveling. Recipe can be rare. This is a very nice pot for a melee class or a fast hitter if your level 38-60 and grinding on mobs or doing a instance run. Minimum level to use it is 38. Gives you +10 Shadow resistance for 30min, 30% chance a disease for 3 min while debuffing the mob for +8 damage increase. The disease to mob can refresh as long as any mob is hitting you. A dream pot for a Paladin or Rogue, real nice for a Paladin in AOE or any of melee class or a Main tank.

I used this leveling and works totally great. Only problem is Arthas Tears as one of the ingredients can be hard to find. However works nice on a tank in a instance using one of these pots, since it debuff the mobs or boss and everyone doing damage to the mob been tanked does +8 increase damage, not as sure on casters but works on the melee class. Don’t seem like a lot but 8 damage combined adds up allot with lots of melee or fast weapons in use. That’s as good as +7 enchant to weapon and much better. Effects only last 30 min, Guardian Elixir. One of the best pot I ever used leveling.



  • sold my ace of furies for 450g couldve sold it up to 600g ;P

  • Ardent Defender

    I’ve heard the Ace was somewhat hard to get so didn’t want to pass on it at the price. My server it averages about 400g.

  • aye, it drops from murmur in shadow labs near Shattrath city. pretty rare drop..

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