Is Protection Paladin Changes Ahead?

Courtesy of WoWInsider reading and doing some page linking to get the POSSIBLE lowdown of what may be ahead for my Paladin class. I found this link to a WoW EU Forum thread which does have some interesting speculations on what MAY possibly be ahead as well as some other changes in WoW patches ahead but not all entirely confirmed. Linked Here.

A Must Read Forum Post
This EU Forum thread also links to another WoW EU Forum thread by player “Youngblood” concerning changes that the Blizzard Developers may be considering in thread feedback from players for possible changes or big improvements to Paladin ability to tank effectively. Note this is a current and actively running Paladin Forum thread for commenting on if you can add to it as a Tanking Paladin or wish to. Cross my fingers. Its a long popcorn thread read and things Paladins would like to see changed for Tanking by the Developers at Blizzard. Its interesting read to me since I don’t claim to know all the problems of my class and the more I’m aware of it the better. Linked Here.

Edit: Noted that the Paladin Forum thread above is a active running thread. A lot of work was put into it.

5 thoughts on “Is Protection Paladin Changes Ahead?

  1. The EU Forum post “Protection Itemisation Feedback” thread post is a “Blue” sticky post also, so Dev’s at Blizzard should see it.


  2. If paladin changes are to come, this will be, what, the third paladin revamp? maybe fourth…Blizzard seriously has to figure out what to do with this class.


  3. Don’t get too excited.. they’ll give us some nice things, that will be nerfed two months later. Remember the great Druid nerf earlier this year?..meh…


  4. I’m no expert, but the impression I get from others is that prot doesn’t need a whole ton; I doubt we’ll see a total or even partial overhaul. In fact, blizz already has started to tweak prot as of the last patch. It seems to be their style to creep up on changes, rather than leaping back and forth around ‘balanced’.I’d like to see stuff for prot that plays up the differences between pallies and the other tank classes rather than making them more similar. We have two things that make us very distinct – a mana bar rather than a rage bar, and a lot of reactive damage. I’d like to see some things that play up those aspects.


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