Weekend Roundup 06/2607

After messing around with bank inventory, helped some lowbies on a run through of SKF. Took a few minutes of fun and was over.

Headed back to Shattrath City and investigated the lower level of city seeing if any quests were available also. Couldn’t find much. Picked up a quest from a BE up by the Scryer library stairs to head to the Terokkar Forest. So went investigating the forest a bit just stumbling around mostly exploring. Rezz a dead Tauren right outside the gates of lower Shattrath City and got flagged for PVP immediately, then immediately was killed by the Elite Peacekeepers at the gates just as quickly?? That new to me. So i’m no longer going to rezz anyone unknown that’s already dead.

Answered a call in LFG for a Tank for the Ramparts. I figure I break from quests to go tank something. A group 2 lvl 62 Warlocks, a 65 Holy Paladin, a 70 Hunter and myself as Tank. Was also my first shot at Ramparts.

Most the pulls went well, some were messy more so with all the casters bunched up together and was really tricky in deciding how to pull. So make use of Avengers Shield and the Boomerang depending on pull. Dam mobs do hit hard, a few times I was completely air bound. Having a 70 hunter in group often easily puller aggro away from me, especially when every body start blasting away as soon as they saw me prep SOR and it dropped it was observable that everyone was DPSing right then. The Holy Paladin was good on healing. No one died on the run to the boss.

At the boss killed the guy then the Dragon came down from flying around I hit him and somehow it went right pass me to the rest of group. I can’t say I had aggo on it them entirely. I hit it a few times to get its attention and wasn’t long at all i was DEAD. Tank died from not been healed quick enough, I could see my health but I was trusting the healer to do what he was suppose to do, not sure what happened there. When i’m soloing I always heal myself so it was a change to rely on someone else to do it.

Released on death to do the run back. No one said I had been Soul Sharded, I barely noticed. I guess the Warlocks didn’t tell me. Anyway had to do the full instance run back which took a while. By them it was all over. Paladin waited to roll on a Hellreaver that looked very nice and thought be nice to have and to use. We rolled the Holy Paladin won it…..happy for him but still sucked he won it. Only thing I picked up on run was a Warhammer. Checking my quest for the items I needed of the 3 or 4 items I needed I only obtained 1 item to complete the quest. /Sucks.

Dinged 63 and now Honored with Thrallmar. Picked up the Alchemist recipe for Transmuting Skyfire Diamond & Elixir of Major Agility. Both should be nice.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup 06/2607

  1. Nazan has grown to be my most hated boss in BC by FAR. I really dislike Blackheart, trash before Pathaleon and Maiden’s Holy Fire later on…but I think making Nazan one of the first bosses is ridiculous, especially on the healer. Between his melee, dragon’s breath and burning ground, he can more or less 3-4 shot a tank who is not geared in FR gear (which,btw, nobody has since MC isnt done anymore).


  2. Call me a noob at all this but shouldn’t the level 70 hunter be pulling with Misdirection to put all the agro on you?Know what you mean about nuke-happy dps classes 😦


  3. Honestly i really believe the Hunter was a newly minted lvl 70 Hunter, younger person and never did the instance before somehow and was eager to do the run…. figure the rest from that. This Hunter never did pull targets for me, he just marked them since i saw the Hunters Mark. For the run i always ended up pulling due to group makeup and it wasn’t always fun with pulling casters. Either way, easy for a lvl 70 Hunter to out DPS me at 63. By the way the Hunter never used a pet either….i so dunno either.


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