Clearing up Inventory Problems.

Galo have been having lots of inventory problems since in Outland and doing lots of questing as well as bag space inventory problems as well. So instead of going to work any quest I decide to make a quest of resolving Bank & Bag Inventory issues while in Orgrimmar.

I really like to keep my inventory organized to find things, but its often a challenge to keep it that way. Bank was basically out of space and considered everything there valuable in some way. However was in need of more bag space and was debating for a while if I should spend another 25g for bag slot in the bank. I was worried the other space beyond that would cost even more also. Anyway I just decided to do a Investment in giving Galo more bank space to put his valuables as well as more space for his Herbs for professional use.

Decided to go ahead and purchase 3 new bank slots all costing 25g each (75g total) so Galo now have the maximum of seven slots all full in the bank, so lots more space also. That’s a lot of gold spent for bag space alone. Also purchased 3 new 16 slot bags for about 8g each for the bank. All in all now have more bank space. After that decided to now clean up both bank & bag inventory space and sell some things I no longer needed to keep as much. For 50+ levels Galo carried a 20 slot bag for herbs. I now decided it time to put it in the bank as a bank slot for my herbs, which makes 2 herb bags for professional use in Alchemy. A regular slot 16 slot bag is much better at this point.

Removed most of the inventory Galo also had sitting in Mailbox for storage. Will have to move over rest of Inventory I have with on of my Alt Banker. Alt has herbs mostly since I use a Alt to store all my valuable herbs since I previously did not have the space in Galo’s bank. If you ever run out of space you can store things in your Mailbox for 30 days as long as you don’t open the mail. All in all was worth the Investment and effort. I now have lots of space for goodies now.

Edit 06/26/07: Had to work on Inventory some more as well as from my Alt Herb Bank. Inventory cleanup is completed. Galo now retains the Herb Bank for crafting his Alchemy pots of all kind. My Alt Bank I mail everything else to be sold for profit on AH usually from Outland.

Total Warchest Fund including Alt Banker is now: 1278g

5 thoughts on “Clearing up Inventory Problems.

  1. aye i have that problem too.most of the things that take up space in my bank are:1)netherweave cloth2)knothide leather3)Rep toeksn4)trinkets/potionsIt is a tough thing indeed to keep everything organized, but as well keeping your bank moderatly empty too.


  2. Indeed its a huge task the more and longer you play the game. True it is. Most of the things in my bank really are due to my Professions and the materials i need for Alchemy form My Herbalism Skill.So i keep at all times lots of herbs i deem stocking material for crafting. Rest is metals (Alchemy Also) i keep in stacks always and other armor needs.Yes its very tough to keep it organized. Helps me to avoid buying something i already have. Kinda like one’s clothing closset.


  3. I’m an herbalist/alchemist as well, and know the pain of having one’s inventory filled with all kinds of herbs and things. Looking through your inventory, there might be some things that you might be able to unload or at least send to other characters. For example, you have 100 Golden Sansam in your bank; while it’s an herb worth having, I doubt you’ll ever need 100 so fast that you don’t have time to mail them from an alt.Your bags and bank actually seem to be filled mostly with sensible stuff; I cleaned my bank out this past weekend, and it was mostly full of really old quest items and Argent Dawn reputation things, which I’m really never going to have any use for.


  4. Yeah i have a lot of some herbs Golden Sansum also. But it can be many others. My Alt banker Bank is full with herbs many from Outland so far.As a Alch i really never sell my harbs. I can, but i don’t usually. I use them to really do my money making making pots. Just since i been making the push to get to Outland since in the late 50’s and to current level….. I’ve just been focused on questing mostly and have dedicated little time to Alchemy or making high level pots all together. Thus i’ve been building up stocks of herbs. So it all adds to problems. All in all i need the herbs to make stuff. I rather have where i gathered it for free than have to go buy a stack at 20+g.


  5. >< I remember paying full price for banks slots on 4 different characters, talk about a gold sink.I’m very OCD when it comes to bag and bank organization, it might’ve been a pain now but time and thought spent will really help you in the long run.


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